Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss what we will get with the new KCI and the Chiefs’ defense

Guiding principle

When Kansas City was bidding out the contract for construction of the new single terminal at Kansas City International Airport, my first thought, as a former city employee of slightly more than 25 years, was that the city always uses the policy of “cheapest and best” in its deliberations.

But let me emphasize that if I learned nothing else from those 25 years of employment, it was that this “cheapest and best” philosophy really emphasized cheapest, often with little to no regard for best.

Now it appears city officials have awarded a major construction contract using that very same paradigm, so it’s anyone’s guess what we will ultimately receive with our new terminal, and when that will be. (Oct. 13, 1A, “Weitz, KCI terminal contractor, has a track record of struggles”)

But time will tell, and I’ll hope for the best for all of us.

- Charles Ballew, Kansas City

Wrong direction

When people told me that the Chiefs’ defense could not go any way but up, I did not know they meant it would go from No. 30 in the 32-team NFL to No. 32. (Oct. 14, 1A, “What. Just. Happened. Stopping the run is just one of Chiefs’ problems”)

It’s looking worse this year than last.

- Ed Breda, Lee’s Summit

Locked in

Many people are Chiefs fans year in and year out, no matter how many games they lose. Wish I could be one of them.

- Mike Cunningham, Kansas City