Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss lax treatment of criminals and why people want to carry guns

Get tougher

Surely our justice system is badly broken. Last weekend, four people were shot dead and five wounded in a Kansas City, Kansas, bar.

The two suspects had criminal cases pending and were out on bond, and one had three felony criminal cases but had been inexplicably released by a judge recently, despite the protests of the prosecutor.

As a result of these two known criminals being free, innocent people were killed and injured, and families are torn apart with grief, anger and financial distress.

When will the judges and the whole judicial system tighten up and keep criminals like these off our streets? If we need more jails, let’s build them.

- Charles Stiles, Overland Park

The right question

After a mass shooting, I often hear that it’s a mental health issue. Most of us think that means someone is deranged or psychotic or “crazy.” But it is deeper.

I am not a mental health care provider, but I think most of us take any action because we have a need or we want something in return. Therefore, I raise the question: Why do all these folks have a need to carry guns? What are they getting out of this?

I was in a business the other day, and one of the workers had a gun holstered on his belt. I felt sadness for this person. What need did he have to carry a gun?

I am not talking about rural folks who have varmints around, but urban folks: Why do you need to own a gun?

To me, this is the mental health issue that is not being addressed.

- Paul Smith, Liberty