Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Thanks to Evergy utility workers for getting the lights back on

Lights back on

Fifty-one years ago, we had a house built on the side of a hill. The contractor told me we needed an address so that Evergy, then Kansas City Power & Light, could put up a pole with a transformer. Since then, vegetation has grown up around the site to form a small woods between the house and the electric pole.

Some time between 9 and 9:30 p.m. on a recent Friday, our electricity went out. My son called in the problem and was given an order number, which he kept track of online. Late afternoon the next day, the Evergy website said its status was “work in progress.”

Not long after that, an Evergy employee passed in back of our house, and the lights flickered on for less than a second. The man left in the truck he came in. But soon, at least four trucks and a work crew of six or seven men arrived in our driveway and told us they would have to replace the transformer.

First, a man with a chainsaw cleared at path to the electric pole. Then a truck with a boom raised the new transformer. Workers took down the old transformer, guided the new one up the pole to its place and installed it.

One of the workers noted that the old transformer had lasted for these 51 years and the new model should last at least that long.

All was fixed by about 9 p.m. Through it all, I did not hear one word of complaint.

We want to thank Evergy for helping us with our problem, and especially the men who restored our power.

- Ruth A. Ingold, Lenexa