Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss David Glass’ money, John McCain’s heroism and bike lanes

A Royal win

Poor David Glass. He had to suffer through owning a wee market team, even losing money some years.

But wait: He could lose $5 million a year for 180 years and still make millions at the sale price of $1 billion.

Then again, can you blame him for not trusting Dayton Moore to spend money on his selection of “talent”?

- Tom Thomas, Fayette, Missouri

Bring it down

I think the Kansas City Royals should move into a stadium downtown once their contract is up. A downtown stadium would boost attendance at Royals games and help boost the Kansas City economy.

Much like Busch Stadium in St. Louis, a downtown stadium would be a great thing for the city. Kauffman Stadium would only become a greater symbol of Kansas City. The cost of the stadium would definitely come back through the economy and new revenue.

- John Duffy, Kansas City

This is the time

There is a time and a place for courage. We have two senators representing Kansas. Each in his own way is bowing to the idiocy of this president.

However, at this moment, both have the ability to be heroes for Kansas and this nation. Their legacy could be monumental, or it could be just another blip in the history of this state.

Sen. John McCain was this type of hero. Although his beliefs were not mine, he knew wrong when he saw it and gave it a thumbs down.

Kansans are intelligent. When they saw Kris Kobach running for governor, they crossed party lines and voted for a better choice.

More than 150 years ago, Kansas was built with the understanding that slavery was wrong. Today, most Kansans understand that our president is unhinged and disconnected from reality, and must be removed from office.

So the question remains: Will our senators who represent Kansas do the right thing? Or will they bow to pressure?

Senators, we know you can do it. You can be on the right side of Kansas history. But it takes courage. The place is here. The time is now.

- Bob Siegele, Lawrence, Kansas

Going international

Anybody else notice how President Donald Trump is a nationalist except when it comes to his election tampering? Then he’s happy to interact globally.

- Sue Wright, Liberty

Creative thinking

So now the president has tweeted that he believes there is a “coup” in progress. (Oct. 2, 1A, “Pompeo, House clash over depositions of State officials”)

Someone should tell him that a coup usually involves troops in the streets and tanks stationed at government buildings.

Oh, I should stop. I don’t want to put any crazy ideas into his head, like he needs any more.

- Wesley Durham, Kansas City

Bring it home

The Safe and Welcoming Coalition has been operating a door-to-door Wyandotte County canvass, talking to our neighbors about the issues affecting us all. I have joined the canvass several times and found it rewarding. As a resident of the county and senior minister at Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church, I’m hoping more people join us.

We engage our neighbors in conversations about their sense of neighborhood safety and belonging and, more elusively, their sense of safety and belonging in the world.

Though these conversations often take place on the thresholds of homes, my experience is that people seem eager and relieved to talk about issues that connect them with their neighbors next door and beyond.

Care and concern aren’t generated in isolation. To create the safe and welcoming community we all deserve, we’ll need to open our hearts, as well as our homes.

- Rose Schwab, Kansas City, Kansas

On two wheels

New York City is lined with bike lanes on many streets in every direction. Why is this not true for every city, including Grandview? I’ve witnessed merely a single bike lane that stretches only five or so blocks in this city. Pitiful.

Bike lanes should be mandatory for every busy road. It would be an environmentally sound decision that would also promote more cyclists to ride more often. Bike lanes would reduce injuries to bikers, who are probably as terrified as drivers are angered when a cyclist slows them down.

Of course, it would be an infrastructure nightmare to demand bike lanes everywhere in a short time. However, with all the road construction that is already happening, adding a few bike lanes would be appreciated.

- Ethan Dalecky, Grandview

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