Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss unfair attacks on Joe Biden, Josh Hawley and Donald Trump

Clear loyalties

Concerning U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall’s Sunday commentary, “Forget circus; Kansas farmers cash in on trade” (15A): Please, by all means, ask Marshall to present his evidence to prove President Donald Trump’s innocence, as he implies.

We are tired of the president’s lies. Trump’s trade war made a disaster of our crop prices, and his tearing up the NAFTA agreement is another disaster.

In the president’s own memo about his call with the Ukranian president, he self-incriminated. Please fact-check Marshall from now on.

Just read all his past tweets concerning Trump. They prove his blind loyalty.

- William Reiff, Abilene, Kansas

Abusing Trump

I hope President Donald Trump declares a national emergency and outlaws leaders of the Democratic Party in Congress and designates them as terrorists. Why? He was duly elected. However, Democratic members of Congress will do anything and propose anything to set aside my vote and more just to obtain power.

And as for recent new allegations about the past conduct of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh: Would you ever run for office or accept an appointment to a judgeship knowing you would come in for abuse because as a youth you showed your penis to a girl — probably an equally adventurous youth? I wouldn’t.

- William Bewley, Kansas City

What is, isn’t OK

In his Sept. 26, column, Marc A. Thiessen wrote: “So, it’s OK for Democratic senators to encourage Ukraine to investigate (President Donald) Trump, but it’s not OK for the president to allegedly encourage Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden?” (15A, “Trump impeachment inquiry shines light on Biden’s own acts”)

Yes, the first instance is certainly OK. The senators’ letter was not illegal, unconstitutional or an abuse of their office. But Trump’s actions are not OK. They are illegal, unconstitutional and an abuse of his office.

Trump has stated — it is not alleged — that he asked Ukraine to investigate political opponent Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The only allegation is that Trump might have used $400 million of taxpayers’ money to extort cooperation from Ukraine.

It is OK to throw a pebble in a lake. It is not OK to blow up the dam holding back the lake’s water.

- Margaret Caswell, Prairie Village

Radical definition

Dave Helling’s Sept. 17 column about Sen. Josh Hawley’s “radical” right agenda is a little extreme, methinks. (9A, “Sen. Josh Hawley’s attack on Facebook is just one part of his radical agenda”)

Helling just doesn’t like the America-first “conservative nationalism” that Hawley and President Donald Trump espouse. Many or most on the left think these people are racists, which is untrue. It’s just the partisan race-baiting that’s in Democrats’ DNA.

Of course, the identity political correctness politics of the left make it fashionable to hate the United States’ unique cultural traditions and to condemn Western civilization, our Founding Fathers and any- and everything to do with the Caucasoid race.

Today, many Democrats remind me of the counterculture of the 1960s, as we see on university campuses today. The left is disappointed when Americans don’t fall behind the humanist and socialist credo in lockstep.

Americans can celebrate their culture, heritage and religion, whatever they may be, without justifying it to the P.C. police, liberal journalists and even a “radical” Republican senator like Hawley.

- James L. Atkinson, Kansas City, Kansas

A happy wait

I really enjoyed Sam Mellinger’s Sept. 27 column. (1B, “Why a 93-year-old WWII veteran won’t stop going to see KC Royals games”) It made me realize one of the reasons I love baseball: It’s a slow game in this fast-paced world. There is enjoyment in the waiting.

My family and I attended last Wednesday night’s 10-2 loss to the Braves. For much of the game, there was not a lot to cheer about. However, we enjoyed watching and waiting.

While waiting (and hoping to see Jorge Soler hit a home run), we had a great time. Unexpectedly, we ran into some friends. In addition to visiting with them, we enjoyed speaking with the two gentlemen sitting in front of us (one of whom is a former classmate of Rick Sutcliffe’s).

In the waiting, we saw Brett Phillips make two amazing catches. Seeing the wonder in my daughter’s eyes as she watched the first of these catches and exclaim, “Wow!” was worth the wait.

We will wait to see another home run from Soler. We will wait to see the Royals win another World Series. For me, baseball is about the experiences in the waiting.

My family and I will enjoy this slow ride along the way.

- Ashley Brown, Kansas City