Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Chiefs-Lions ref’s call and Roger Marshall’s assumptions

Not their job

I’d like to complain about the commentary of Fox Sports’ Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis during Sunday’s Chiefs-Lions game. They constantly questioned the incomplete pass call that took away a touchdown from Detroit when the replay, verified by the NFL in New York, showed that the Detroit player did not have control of the ball.

Burkhardt and Davis didn’t believe their lying eyes and kept lamenting the call during the broadcast, showing their prejudice and lack of professionalism.

They were there to announce the game, not question the verified ruling.

- Robert Miller, Overland Park

Not my words

U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall made several presumptuous statements about Kansans in his Sunday commentary, “Forget circus; Kansas farmers cash in on trade.” (15A)

In reference to the impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives over the president’s actions relating to an investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son in Ukraine, Marshall stated: “Even Kansans who don’t support the president know this is beyond the pale,” and “Kansans know this is a cheap distraction.”

Please don’t attempt to speak for all residents of this state. Although the actions of our president appall me on a regular basis, I am a former Republican precisely because of the failure of Marshall and almost all his Republican colleagues in Congress to exercise their responsibility of oversight of the executive branch.

- Bruce Hensel, Leawood