Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss sexual harassment, Beto’s gun grab and needing bike lanes

Everyone does it

Wouldn’t it be interesting if every male member of Congress and the Supreme Court would, under oath, be asked whether he had ever said anything sexual, touched another person in an inappropriate manner or watched such activity?

We already know the executive branch has, because Rep. Jerrold Nadler and other liberals said so. If any congressman denied ever doing such a thing, then he must be impeached and jailed for perjuring himself.

Every man who ever lived has attempted to obtain sexual satisfaction. Those who deny it are not only liars, but damn liars.

- Edward H. Barnes, Prairie Village

Future resentment

Our current immigration policy will not secure our borders, nor will it make us secure in the future. Solutions to complex problems take time.

Conversely, as time passes, we lose not only opportunities but, more important, we lose people. We are sowing the seeds of our own self-destruction. Just look at the results of our policy in Iraq to see how we are able to self-destruct and pay the price of future generations lost.

Our immigration policy is a failure that crosses political boundaries. All political parties have a hand in the situation.

Our current practices might make some American citizens feel more secure, but the long game shows us that when you lock up children as we have at the border, they grow up with another mission in mind: The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to finally feel its warmth.

Those imprisoned children will grow up — and when they do, we will reap that which we have sown. We must do better.

- Terry Forsyth, Lawrence

Work for us

We elected them — those people who populate our government at all levels.

They, in turn, are supposed to appoint others to help our government operate within the laws and constitutional mandates that have carried this nation forward for more than 240 years. In recent years, their allegiance has drifted from service to our nation to political party and party leadership, without regard to the consequences.

We have often excused or ignored their abuses of the authority granted to them. Despite public criticism, the abuses continue. Major issues needing responsible and prompt action go unheeded. Carelessly, we allow them to ignore us again and again.

Now we face a national crisis of governance with our credibility tarnished, our historic allies doubting our intentions and irresponsible political moves damaging our economy and leaving our citizens in angry confusion.

Who is to blame? Who let this situation evolve into such a dangerous crisis? Fundamentally, we the citizenry who have disregarded our responsibilities to our nation and continue to expect someone else to assume them.

- James Tiller, Olathe

Real motives

Conservatives were right all along: The Democrats are coming for your guns and will use law enforcement to confiscate them. Beto O’Rourke, thanks for having the courage to finally let the cat out of the bag. (Sept. 14, 9A, “The Democrats were great. But they don’t have ‘it’ like Trump”)

- Raymond Owen, Merriam

Truth in title

Let’s be honest. We should rename the Environmental Protection Agency the Environmental Destruction Agency. It’s much more descriptive today.

- Shirley Lewis, Overland Park

Cyclists’ outlook

Recent letters from those concerned about the expansion of bike lanes on our city streets should consider the viewpoints of people who actually use them. I sense that critics who object to the lanes have not biked in traffic, nor on the trail systems in Johnson County and elsewhere. Cyclists see it from both sides, because they are almost always also drivers.

Trails are a great option for a casual biker, jogger or walker, but not for people looking to exert themselves for a good cardio workout or those who use their bicycles commute to work. Also, in deference to walkers, it is not the most relaxing experience to continually be passed by speeding cyclists on a relatively narrow trail.

The new bike lanes are a great addition and improve safety for both cyclists and drivers. Those who complain about the few cyclists who don’t obey traffic laws might want to consider the same issue with drivers.

Cyclists also pay taxes, and to share the road is a great concept. As the population continues to gray, there will be a growth in cycling for that joint-friendly cardio workout.

So hang on for more bike lanes, not fewer.

- Tom Bruce, Leawood