Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Trump’s sky-high Republican support and guns at art fairs

Be like Bernie

In his Sept. 13 column, Jonah Goldberg questions President Donald Trump’s high approval rating among Republicans. (11A, “Is Trump’s sky-high Republican approval a wartime response?”) Goldberg cites Ronald Brownstein’s argument that Trump enjoys so much GOP support because he behaves like a wartime president — only in this situation, the enemy is “Blue America.”

Brownstein suggests that we are in the midst of a cold civil war. I don’t think this is far-fetched. The culture wars have raged for decades now, never decreasing in passion, only intensifying.

Trump is a quick study. He learned early in the 2016 campaign that demonizing and making fun of political opponents could be a winning strategy. He’s used it ever since. I’m not so sure it’s good for the country, though.

Many in Trump’s base delight when he kicks sand in the face of the “Democrat Party” and its adherents. Honestly, President Barack Obama did his share of embarrassing and humiliating his own political opponents.

We need a more mature state of politics, one in which policy fights are hard fought but without meanness and viciousness. Yes, it is possible.

Bernie Sanders is the best example of this. He fights for what he believes in, but he keeps it mature and respectful.

- Ken Gates, Overland Park

Look peacefully

“Gun-free fair” signs will be posted at the UNplaza Art Fair at Southmoreland Park this weekend, sponsored by PeaceWorks Kansas City. I urge the Plaza to post such signs at the Plaza Art Fair also. Give peace a chance.

- Henry M. Stoever, Chair, PeaceWorks Kansas City, Overland Park