Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss sand mines and Trump-Nixon

Sand mines

I feel for those affected by the proposed 220-acre sand mine near Linwood, Kansas. (Sept. 25, 1A, “Sand mines booming in Kansas, but KC-area neighbors worry about pollution and traffic)

The thought of 10 heavily loaded trucks per hour on roads where trucks have been banned is a disaster in the making. These roads are narrow, with no center lines, and have sharp, winding turns without shoulders. Schoolchildren will share these roads with heavy sand trucks.

A senior scientific researcher found that water runoff from sand mines leads to unacceptable levels of arsenic. Those relying on well water would be at risk for several contaminants.

Over the last five years, Kaw Valley Companies received 99 violations at two of its Wyandotte County mines, with 45 fines delinquent. A Kaw Valley corporate attorney said he doesn’t know how many violations exist for the company. Is this a responsible corporate neighbor?

The vast benefit of this project would flow to the coffers of the Kaw Valley Company, with meager benefits to the county and only risk to the neighborhood.

What can the Leavenworth County staff be thinking?

- Angela Schieferecke, Prairie Village

Trump is a pro

President Donald Trump makes President Richard Nixon look like an amateur when it comes to corruption and criminal behavior.

- Paul Comerford, Blue Springs