Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss dancing Democrats, Trump’s fate and clean air

Democratic dance

The crazed Democrats are sort of pulling the trigger on impeachment. (Sept. 25, 1A, “Pelosi: House will open impeachment inquiry”) We’ve been suffering from their infantile behavior for three years. They hyperventilate whenever a new trigger arises as they trip over themselves to get in front of the cameras to proclaim they “have the goods on Trump.”

The speaker-in-name-only of the House is too cowardly to put impeachment on the House floor for a vote to get Democrats on the record, because she’s protecting the leftists who won in red districts in 2018.

Of impeachment, the Kansas City representative said he’s “going to vote for impeachment because I’ve got grandchildren.” How noble.

The representative from Johnson County says, “We must proceed down a path of finding the truth, regardless of politics.” Is she kidding? This has been about politics since Nov. 9, 2016.

For three years, these whiners have been throwing a public temper tantrum — embarrassing the country globally with their childish antics and squandering our tax money — instead of working for us, because they didn’t get their way. The nation suffers because they demand power.

Weren’t we told health care was the issue in 2018, not impeachment? That was a lie to get elected.

Misrepresentations, like temper tantrums, have consequences.

- Pam Zubeck, Leawood

Historic day

Sept. 24, 2019, marked a watershed moment for our country. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the framework of an official impeachment inquiry. Finally!

Thanks to a recent whistleblower, we learned that President Donald Trump withheld nearly $400 million in congressionally authorized military aid to Ukraine in an attempt to force the government to investigate sham accusations of wrongdoing against Joe Biden and his family.

Keep in mind that Biden leads in the polls to defeat Trump in 2020.

This level of corruption, obstruction of justice and abuse of power are textbook definitions of impeachable offenses. Unlike previous impeachments in U.S. history, this inquiry is more severe and significant because it deals with a foreign country.

For the sake of our Constitution, our democracy and our national security, Donald Trump must be held accountable. No one is above the law.

- Jane Toliver, Leawood

Support clean air

Take a deep breath. That action is second nature, and you likely won’t give it a second thought.

You should, however, think about the air that just went into your lungs. Was it polluted? What car exhaust, factory output or other noxious gas was intermixed with the life-sustaining oxygen you just inhaled?

As a pediatrician, I see children hospitalized for days because of asthma attacks. Pollution from objects we use daily have contributed to that child’s illness.

When pollution interacts with heat and sunlight during the warmer summer months, ozone (which protects us in the atmosphere) and other irritants are produced through fossil fuel combustion.

Ozone and these irritants lead to chronic cough, asthma attacks and difficulty breathing.

The World Health Organization estimates that about 7 million people annually die prematurely as a direct result of air pollution.

What can we do as a society?

We can make individual choices to purchase greener products. We also can bring systemic change by enacting legislation and speaking against the rollback of stricter Environmental Protection Agency standards by the current administration to protect our children, who don’t have the ability to speak for themselves.

These efforts would help us all breathe a little easier.

- Timothy Fretwell, M.D., Kansas City

Do it anyway

At Barnes & Noble on the Plaza, I sip tea, nibble biscotti and pass time glued to a screen — that world-inside-worlds called a cellphone.

When it’s time to go, I ask the coffee shop worker where to pitch the plastic lid of my paper cup, and she replies, “We don’t recycle here.”

Upon which, on my way out of the building, I stop at the customer service desk and ask the rep why this wealthy corporation does not recycle its plastic from the coffee shop (like most coffee shops).

He tells me, “There’s no recycling on the Plaza,” and I assert, “So what. Do it anyway. Step up, people!”

Today I saw the impassioned plea of Greta Thunburg, child environmental activist, booming, “How dare you ruin my childhood, my future,” to a room full of United Nations diplomats, and I thought, You go girl. Tell them to do it anyway.

Step up, people!

Jennifer Molton, Kansas City