Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss smearing Trump voters, downtown baseball and vaping hazards

Rude knock

I enjoyed the letter under the headline “What I heard” Saturday, listing points the author took away from last week’s Democratic Party debate. But he left out a point: The Democrats indicate that anyone who voted for Donald Trump is a racist.

People who voted for Trump last time didn’t like being called deplorables, so guess whether they mind being called racist. I hope the Democrats run with it.

- Robert Hurd, Warrensburg, Missouri

Make it royal

There are far better ways to improve the fan experience for the Kansas City Royals than a new stadium downtown. Instead, Kansas City should provide a rolling roof over both stadiums, then extend the streetcar east to the Harry S. Truman Sports Complex.

A rolling roof would mean fans no longer would have to sit through endless rain delays or be faced with a tough decision when they have tickets to a game that could be rained out. And no more sitting in soggy clothes during bad weather or watching football players slipping and sliding on muddy fields.

It is possible the bond issue that paid for the stadium remodeling could be re-funded, providing money to build the roof with no tax increase.

Extending the streetcar to the sports complex would provide every downtown, midtown and Plaza hotel and restaurant with fast, convenient connections to the two stadiums. It could also significantly reduce auto traffic to games.

The sports complex has an untapped capacity to serve as a park-and-ride location for downtown, midtown and Plaza workers. And a streetcar line in the urban core would greatly improve job access where it is needed most.

- Dick Davis, Former Kansas City Councilman, Kansas City

Across the board

I agree with the call to impeach Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. In fact, I would like for any elected or appointed person in government — federal, state or local — to be impeached if allegations against them of sexual misconduct are proved.

Wouldn’t that drain the swamp quite quickly?

- Janette Borst, Overland Park

E-cig hazards

Vaping with electronic cigarettes such as Juul has increased over the last few years, especially among adolescents. The Food and Drug Administration is correct to be concerned about the tremendous amount of false and misleading information Juul is providing. Posing as a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking should result in major consequences for the company.

People are becoming ill, and a few have even died from e-cigarette use. Not only has their use increased among older individuals who have smoked cigarettes for 30-40 years, but young people are also using Juul at a very high rate.

As a nurse, I know it is important that we help educate the public and prevent illness occurring from vaping. It is also crucial that when we help patients with smoking cessation we not recommend they use e-cigarettes.

I would love to see stricter regulations on or even a total ban of e-cigarettes. It has been a tough challenge to regulate thus far, but it is necessary for everyone’s well-being.

- Diana Lopez, Lenexa

It’s not free

I totally agree with the Sept. 15 letter to the editor about unnecessary bike lanes on Overland Park’s streets. (14A)

As that letter writer described, my councilman came to my door to defend the bike lanes. I explained to him that they are unnecessary in my neighborhood, because we have an extensive trail that runs from 127th Street to 135th Street. It is safe for bikers and pedestrians alike.

Is the City Council creating bike lanes because members consider tax revenues free money? Well, guess what: That free money is from the taxes we all pay. What a way to waste it.

- Cynthia Sdano, Overland Park

We have time

Every day I follow the same routine of going to school and going home. Sometimes I forget about all the things killing our planet.

Not that I choose to forget; they just rarely cross my mind. Amid my thoughts, I wonder if it is really too late to do anything about our oceans.

I often wonder about other natural crises, but not nearly enough people step up for Earth to make even the slightest difference.

I’m sharing my thoughts here because I know there’s still time to make moves, before it will be too late. You might think using metal straws instead of plastic ones won’t change anything, and with that mind-set, you are correct.

People need to step up and make changes, not just for themselves, but for the further existence of our world.

- Trevor Roberts, Gladstone