Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss a sure vote for Kobach, A+ money and icky Donald Trump

Kobach for me

The Kansas City Star has succeeded in shaping my opinion. After using the front and opinion pages of the Sunday edition to demonize Kris Kobach, he will definitely get my vote for the U.S. Senate. (1A, “Kobach sent Nebraska residents’ names to ICE”; 14A, “A habit Kris Kobach just can’t quit — unsuccessfully chasing undocumented immigrants”)

Thanks for the help.

- Ed Geither, Overland Park

Castro’s knock

Prejudice of any sort is ugly and illogical. Fellow presidential candidate Julian Castro’s attempt to smear Joe Biden by glibly resorting to stereotyping and ageism at last week’s Democratic debates is disappointing. (Sept. 13, 2A, “Democrats exchange fiery comments over health care, guns”)

Doesn’t he understand that’s President Donald Trump’s turf he’s stealing?

- Murphy Dickson, Overland Park

Leave A+ be

The Missouri A+ program was intended to encourage academic excellence, regular school attendance and community service in Missouri’s high school students. It was also intended to encourage these students to attend Missouri schools (particularly junior colleges) and to stay in the state after graduation.

Arguments to change A+ to a needs-only program or to eliminate it because it is used primarily by students coming from middle- and upper-income families in suburban school districts are not persuasive. (Sept. 16, 9A, “Why is Missouri giving college aid to affluent families and not the neediest?”)

If the program is accomplishing its purpose by retaining a skilled workforce for Missouri and encouraging community service, it should be retained. If it is not making a difference in that regard, it should be eliminated.

As to providing needs-based assistance to financially disadvantaged students in urban school districts to enable them to pursue higher education, perhaps programs providing tutoring, community involvement and other services should be considered.

Providing financial assistance in addition to Pell Grants (which already provide substantial tuition, books and living expenses based on need) should be considered only after determining that additional funds are required.

Changing the A+ program to a needs-based scholarship is not the answer.

- Keith Stanley, Overland Park

Now hear this

I’m always surprised when The Star publishes a fact-free letter such as the Sept. 14 one under the headline, “What I heard.” The author lists 10 statements that, in his view, boil down the recent Democratic debate.

Not one holds up to scrutiny. A couple of examples:

“Everything is wrong with America.” Fact: No candidate said anything remotely close to that, but the current president denigrated many parts of the country constantly during his campaign and continues to do so.

“No candidate has a coherent plan for health care.” Fact: They all have popular plans. The current president campaigned on providing a great replacement for the Affordable Care Act, but he has done nothing but try to repeal it with no replacement.

- Dave Mullins, Kansas City

‘Ick’ not ‘it’

Kathleen Parker’s Saturday column must not have been proofread. (9A, “The Democrats were great. But they don’t have ‘it’ like Trump”) She asserted that the Democratic presidential candidates don’t have the “it” factor that President Donald Trump has.

Surely she must have meant his “ick” factor that is on display daily — and Americans are tired of it.

That factor has attracted attention all right, and frankly we’re exhausted from three years of the nastiness, lies and nonsense. Most Americans have figured out that the would-be emperor has no clothes, and he’s definitely too icky for another four years.

Voters won’t be fooled again. We’ll take genuine “it” candidates with character over Trump in 2020.

- Laura Marcus Mountjoy, Kansas City

Power up

I just read on the website Electrek that Los Angeles is building the largest solar array and storage facility in the country. Once complete, it will power 283,330 homes at a cost of 3.3 cents per kilowatt hour. (KCP&L charges 11 cents.)

Kansas City has acres of parking lots where elevated solar arrays could be erected, as well as millions of square feet of business rooftops suitable for solar. Solar arrays and wind farms are now cheaper to build and operate than fossil- and atomic-fueled plants.

It’s time to go green.

- Ed Stine, Prairie Village