Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss the Democrats’ dim view of America and vaping versus guns

What I heard

If you didn’t watch Thursday evening’s three-hour Democratic debate, let me boil it down for you:

▪  Everything is wrong with America.

▪  Big corporations and wealthy people are all corrupt and do nothing for everyday Americans.

▪  We’ll all die from climate change in 10 to 15 years.

▪  Free everything is worth every dollar it costs us.

▪  President Donald Trump is solely responsible for every problem in America.

▪ America should be open to all the people in the world to come here and take advantage of all the free stuff.

▪ If we just treat our adversaries nicer, give them more money and let them take advantage of us economically, they will all like us and respect us more.

▪ Gun violence will not be resolved until all citizens are deprived of any means of self-defense for our families and our neighbors.

▪ Anyone who has not committed a felony should be released from jail or prison, no questions asked.

▪ No candidate has a coherent plan for health care.

Question: Do you really want to vote for someone who looks at America and its citizens this way?

Gary Larison

Overland Park

First priority?

If the president and first lady are so concerned with the deaths of children from vaping, why are they not more concerned with the deaths of children from guns? Which kills more kids: vaping or guns?

Larry Skogerson

Mission Hills