Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss gun background checks and Sly James’ inaction on potholes

Demand solutions

The assault weapons ban expired in 2004. The background check system we have is full of loopholes.

I wonder, as I’m sure you do too, how many Americans killed by guns would be alive today if Congress had continued the assault weapons ban and if the background-check system had covered all gun sales.

Why didn’t Congress have the will or the foresight to do both? Is the National Rifle Association really that powerful?

Since Sandy Hook, 2,300 people have been killed in the United States in mass shootings, defined as incidents in which four or more are shot.

Each time a mass shooting occurs, we debate and end up doing nothing. It’s time to ban assault weapons, which have no purpose but to kill people. It’s time to have background checks on all gun sales.

There is something Congress can do.

Gail Hughes

California, Missouri

Deferred problems

During the tenure of Mayor Sly James, our tax dollars were misused and misdirected away from proper street maintenance and diverted into sundry other projects. That let the streets’ already-poor condition get worse. Our deteriorated, pothole-laden streets are only the tip of the iceberg.

The price of our inaction has now come to roost, and it will not go away. Consequently, we now have a monster in our faces.

William A. Ingram

Kansas City