Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Ethnic Enrichment Festival, vaccination and Epstein’s suicide

Enriching everyone

That differences can unite people and even promote harmony and understanding was clearly evident at the Ethnic Enrichment Festival at Swope Park this past weekend. Thousands of people visited booths representing around 60 countries, tasting their food and watching cultural presentations that included native dances and more.

Everyone admired and respected the displays of pride of the participants’ heritage and culture.

The people of Kansas City should celebrate their cultural diversity. Only by learning about each other can we achieve peace, harmony and tolerance.

Manuel P. Pardo

Mission Hills

Common good

There is a very simple answer to Linus and Terri Baker’s dilemma regarding their son: If they insist on exposing him and other children to diseases that vaccines would prevent, they should home-school him. (Aug. 17, 1A, “Johnson County parents sue over vaccine requirement, compare it to military draft”)

The Bakers say schools have no right to require their son to have these vaccines. But what right do they have to expose other children to the possibilities of catching these diseases? These vaccines have been proven over and over to prevent serious disease.

Susan Sarna

Buckner, Missouri

A better way out

Some of us think life in prison is a fate worse than death. Evidently, Jeffrey Epstein thought so, too.

Rick Witkowski

Kansas City