Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss citizenship for the undocumented and letting fear take over

Part of all of us

There are about 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country — roughly 3% of the population. That’s 11 million of our neighbors living in the shadows as second-class people. Our agriculture and food system is predicated on their exploitation, its low prices a result of their overwork and underpayment.

America is a caste system, and we turn a blind eye. It is long overdue to make these people full citizens. Citizenship should not be a matter of heritage or skin color. It is the promise that all people who live in our communities should be treated fairly and as equals. Their lack of citizenship, their outcast status, allows their exploitation, abuse and murder.

We need to do the moral thing. We need to give these people citizenship. We need to love our neighbors as ourselves, before it is too late.

Neil T. Thrun

Kansas City

Don’t be fearful

A man walks into a Springfield, Missouri, Walmart dressed in body armor and carrying a gun openly, and mass panic ensues. (Aug. 10, 4A, “Police ID armed man arrested at Mo. Walmart”) This individual is blamed for said mass panic, but the open carrying of a firearm is legal in Missouri. The wearing of body armor is justified because of recent mass shootings.

What laws did this guy break? Would the people in the store respond the same if they saw a plain-clothes police officer with a weapon on his or her hip? Basically, this guy is being blamed for other people’s fears.

I refuse to live in fear of the actions of cowards, be they cowards who want to visit violence on others or cowards whose fear causes mass panic.

Wesley Durham

Kansas City