Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss the Bible’s dictates, gun laws and blame in dogs’ deaths

With God’s hand

The best kind of gun control would be a spiritual revival in our country.

What happened to character training? Where are the parents? What are we teaching our children?

Why are the press and our politicians so baffled?

Let’s get back to biblical teachings. I pray it is not too late.

George Hook

Lee’s Summit

The wrong plan

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s proposed Stop Wall Street Looting Act would impose unlimited liability on certain private equity groups for company debt. It is a radical proposal that would undercut settled law and proven business practices.

For hundreds of years, we have operated under the limited liability principle: An investor is liable only for the amount she invests, absent extraordinary circumstances.

The limited liability principle fosters a vibrant investment community, which means increased available capital, business growth and job creation. Limited liability promotes innovation and attracts the best of us: sound entrepreneurs, game changers and visionary companies.

The unlimited liability proposed by Warren would change all this. With unlimited liability, a rational investor would invest in nothing but a sure thing. And there are no sure things.

Warren’s legislation would devastate investment and jobs.

According to the political action committee American Investment Council, between 2013 and 2018, private equity groups invested an estimated $70 billion in Missouri and Kansas companies that employ about 172,000 people.

In the short term, investment would be lost and business growth would suffer. In the longer term, jobs would be lost.

Our representatives should vote no on this unprecedented job-killing, no-growth legislation.

Mitch Woolery

Kansas City

Pinky swear?

As a legal registered owner of firearms, I feel compelled to comment after our recent mass shootings. I would like to point out some of the inherent flaws in our current Brady Act federal background checks.

On the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ Form 4473, most of the questions rely on the truthfulness of the applicant regarding criminal history, mental health issues and drug issues.

How many applicants are going to answer dishonestly?

I propose the following changes:

▪ Anyone desiring to purchase a firearm should present a valid ID and fingerprints. Private gun sales would still be allowed but handled by licensed dealers for enhanced tracking. Violators would be subject to hefty fines or prison.

▪ A minimum 60-day waiting period should be required to allow for more thorough background checks.

▪ And for idiots who hide guns under pillows: They should be charged and punished the same as the people who steal their guns and commit crimes with them.

If the laws were to change tomorrow and the government required everyone to surrender their firearms, I would comply — but bear in mind, only the honest people would hand over their guns.

John O’Connor

Kansas City

Chiefs look great

The Chiefs have superstar talent in so many places on the field: Patrick Mahomes at quarterback, Travis Kelce at tight end, and, of course, Tyreek Hill at wide receiver.

Last season, there were a lot of complaints about our defense. So the team fired Bob Sutton as defensive coordinator. We went out and got a lot of new players, and now our defense is looking so much better.

I am getting so excited for the Chiefs in this upcoming season. How cool would it be if we got a Super Bowl championship?

I have a ton of faith in this team to go out and achieve the goal of being the best in the NFL this year. Go Chiefs!

Dean Stotts


Hazardous park

A letter to the editor in the Sunday Star needs a serious response. (18A) Its author laid the blame for the deaths of two dogs that leaped over the wall of a downtown rooftop dog park on the animals’ owners.

The writer was not present at either tragic event and does not know the circumstances that led to the sad deaths of the dogs. The park is a dangerous site, and if the writer actually believes in personal responsibility, he might check it out before excoriating the dog owners or trying to shame The Star for reporting the story.

I commend the pet owners for trying to make this area safe so that this very sad scenario doesn’t happen again.

Gregory Cardona