Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Hartzler’s government aid and bosses of those here illegally

Unlike the others

I would humbly suggest that Rep. Vicky Hartzler hire another, more informed spokesperson than Steve Walsh. She and her husband are not “like many farmers in the state,” as he suggested. (Aug. 6, 1A, “ Missouri, Kansas farmers rely on federal bailout money — including GOP Rep. Hartzler”)

How many farmers have a guaranteed salary of $174,000? How many farmers get $1.3 million a year to run their operations? And how many farmers have 72% of their health insurance paid with taxpayers’ money?

And finally, what farmer has a pension that pays $41,076 to $74,028 a year?

Those are some of the benefits Hartzler and her fellow U.S. representatives and senators enjoy at the expense of the taxpayers. Makes you wonder why she got even five cents for her supposedly distressed farm, and answers why our government is in so much debt.

C.K. Baber

Village of Loch Lloyd

Bigger criminals

The ICE raid of Mississippi meat processor Koch Foods put almost 700 immigrants who had allegedly broken immigration laws in jail — but not Joseph Grendys, the company’s owner, CEO and president. I can’t help but think that if a few CEOs would go to jail for breaking the law, and not just their employees who are in the country illegally, our immigration problem would slow down because jobs would no longer be available.

CEOs going to prison would certainly get the attention of other heads of companies, and it might stop the practice of hiring the undocumented to improve company and personal bottom lines.

Robert Miller

Overland Park