Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss how to respond to mass shootings, from both left and right

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After the massacres in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, this independent — for the first time ever — emailed our Kansas members of Congress (Sens. Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts and Rep. Sharice Davids) to voice my concern about our government’s relative inaction regarding gun violence in our country.

Each politician’s site contains a drop-down list of issues to check as areas of concern. Each site lists, alphabetically, several possible topics ranging from agriculture, abortion and budget to taxes, trade and welfare.

However, only Davids’ lists guns as a topic for discussion in her menu. The topic of guns is not found in the drop-down lists of Roberts or Moran.

I am aware of the divide between Democrats and Republicans on gun issues. But by omission, these two Republicans are signaling that guns are not a topic worthy of discussion. Scary.

Doug Schakel


Stifling our pride

For years, I’ve been reading and commenting about mass shootings, and I’m tired of it. I should have realized Americans won’t take action after none was taken after Sandy Hook.

If screaming 6-year-olds being shot to death under a blood-spattered chalkboard doesn’t move a nation, nothing will.

This weekend, Andre and Jordan Anchondo were gunned down by an American terrorist, along with at least 20 others in El Paso, Texas. They died protecting their 2-month-old son, Paul, who was found covered in blood, his little baby fingers broken.

I can imagine that little baby living a long life with crooked fingers — a constant reminder of a horror he won’t remember.

I don’t understand how America went to work today. I don’t understand how people are saying they’re proud to be Americans. I’m not proud. I don’t even want to be an American. America is a place where violence goes unchecked. I don’t want to be a part of that.

Missouri needs Gov. Mike Parson and President Donald Trump to force through legislation to address the problem. Our government must at least make an attempt at stopping mass shootings. Or we’re all complicit as Americans.

Ben Montgomery

Lee’s Summit

Respected models

An open letter to President Donald Trump:

In light of this past weekend’s shootings, it occurred to me that Russia under President Vladimir Putin bans assault weapons. President Xi Jinping does not allow the Chinese people to own assault weapons, nor does North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un allow his citizens to own assault weapons.

Are these men, whom you so greatly respect, just stronger leaders than yourself?

Perhaps if you would take a stand against your citizens owning assault weapons, you could earn the respect of your citizens and appear as strong as Putin, Xi and Kim.

Joe Brooks

Overland Park

Step up, parents

All parents have a role in helping to prevent violence in our homes, our communities and our country. I recognize that our elected officials have a primary responsibility for ensuring a safe country for all of us, but parents have an important role to play as well.

As parents, we need to be aware of our children’s thinking, their friends, what they are doing and where they going. Regardless of what your children may want you to believe, they do not have a right to total privacy until they become responsible adults. Parents need to assert themselves and learn whom their kids associate with, know where they go and what they do both online and in the neighborhood.

Only by being informed can you guide your children to the best of your ability through the complexities and hazards of growing up to become responsible adults with positive values.

Be your child’s best parent, and you will be their best friend.

Chuck Hanson


There’s no magic

It’s interesting how the media, politicians and anti-gun people get all emotionally involved over El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, while ignoring the shootings, killings and wounding that took place in Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Kansas City, Cleveland, Baltimore and other cities over this same weekend.

If all these anti-gun folks touting anti-gun solutions can’t keep black market guns off the streets in our inner cities, and can’t keep drugs, guns and people from crossing our southern border illegally, including human trafficking, how in the world do they think, by drinking a pint of delusional Kool-Aid, that the problem will be solved by passing more laws?

Charley Green

Overland Park