Letters to the Editor

Letter: Readers discuss squabbling Democratic candidates and national disunity

Be proactive

I was disappointed to see the Democratic candidates attack each other during their debates, particularly against the current front-runner, former Vice President Joe Biden. This infighting is playing right into President Donald Trump’s hands.

Democrats cannot afford to waste time tearing each other apart. What each candidate needs to do is convey to voters their specific goals and plans to move our country forward. They must present a clear and concise agenda to convince independents and wavering Republicans they have a better way for America, not dredge up past grievances or perceived failings of fellow candidates.

Remember: The important goal is to prevent Trump from being reelected in 2020.

Doris A. Field

Overland Park

Just get along

Americans have always been split along political lines. Until recently it has been a rather amicable disagreement because most people have recognized that, ultimately, we are on the same side.

Today it seems we have lost that sense of shared destiny. Today too many people have become bitter and filled with hate. We attack one another verbally, and sometimes physically. That must not be tolerated.

There was a time when we could good-naturedly joke about political issues and remain friends. No one took the jokes as a personal attack.

If we continue as we have in the past few years, the result will not be pleasant for either side.

Disagreement is fine and expected, but drop the anger and hatred. You will feel better personally, and the entire nation will benefit.

Mike Hanrahan

Cameron, Missouri