Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Missouri children let down by the state and naming “The K”

Families hurting

As a Missouri resident, I want to make people aware of the horrific problem in the state’s child support system. It is failing parents.

I am owed $45,000 in back support, and the Missouri Department of Social Services seems to do little to enforce its rules and help me collect. I am not the only one. Thousands of parents are owed millions because Missouri’s system has become an utter failure.

Parents and their children end up in poverty and rely on the taxpayer for support. Missouri is inept in holding wayward parents legally responsible. The call center often gives confusing and incorrect information when you call and never helps. It is a sad situation.

Something needs to be done. The agency needs a massive overhaul. Where is our government on this serious issue?

If you are a parent who can’t seem to get anywhere, please write the governor. This needs to change.

Michelle Parks

Holt, Missouri

No problem with K

I read with interest a letter to the editor last Thursday objecting to referring to Kauffman Stadium as “The K.” (10A) I doubt Ewing Marion Kauffman is turning over in his grave.

I’m pretty sure he’s like other Kauffmans over the years who have dropped an f from their names or added an n or have done both. We’ve even seen the name start with C instead of K.

I’m pretty sure the other Kauffmans in our area are comfortable with “The K.”

I have a sweetie who calls me “Mr. B,” but I don’t know why. It doesn’t bother me. I call her “Dearest.”

William E. Kauffman