Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Russophile Republicans, Jackson County taxes and “the K”

Foreign influence

I received a response to a letter I wrote to Sen. Roy Blunt, and I think he lied in it. He has done nothing to protect us from foreign infiltration. Blunt and the Republican-led Senate have brought nothing to the floor to stop Russian intervention in our elections.

Senate Majority Leader “Moscow Mitch” McConnell has shown his colors. Should we refer to Missouri’s senior senator as “Bolshevik Blunt”? Moscow Mitch and Bolshevik Blunt — now there is a headline — are selling us down the river for their own gain to the highest bidder.

Truth to power: Stop McConnell and his tyrannical boss.

Marilyn Lynch

Kansas City

As I suspected

I read with interest Monday’s story reporting on the lack of urgency from congressional Republicans regarding improving protections to prevent further Russian interference in our election process. (1A, “Chance to upgrade election security may have passed”)

I am not surprised that Sen. Roy Blunt and his Republican comrades are satisfied with the current level of protection for the the integrity of our elections, despite ongoing interference from one of their most powerful supporters: Russia.

I have just one question for these Republicans: What is the address of the GOP’s headquarters in Moscow?

Stephen Williamson

Kansas City

Tax under control

Real estate property reassessment has been a hot topic in Jackson County since notices were sent out, and the local media are doing a superb job of fanning the flames.

I have asked my elected officials to have the Missouri General Assembly look into this matter during the next legislative session to ensure that improvements are passed. State legislators, not County Executive Frank White, are responsible for correcting this mess.

I was disappointed by a recent Kansas City Star editorial (July 3, 10A, “There’s a simple solution for the spike in Jackson County property values: Cut tax rates”) and a local television news report that gave little confidence to the public that local taxing agencies would adjust their levies downward by this October, in accordance with the Hancock Amendment. This would ensure that tax obligations from the higher valued reassessments are mitigated for property owners and would prevent a tax windfall.

After talking with a couple of state employees who are experts in this area, I have confidence that the State Tax Commission, auditor and attorney general will appropriately interpret, monitor and enforce the constitutional requirement for a rollback of tax levies, if necessary.

Russ Klement

Lee’s Summit


Missouri lawmakers recently passed a bill to ban abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy without exceptions for rape or incest. The ACLU of Missouri submitted a referendum petition to bring this law before the voters, allowing Missourians to exercise their constitutional right to decide if this law is representative of what they want.

The democratic process has been derailed by Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, who rejected the referendum. The Western District Court of Appeals determined that he didn’t have that authority, but Ashcroft is now stalling by not providing ballot language so signatures can be collected.

I am an OB/GYN. I meet patients who are at various stages in their reproductive lives — who hope to become pregnant, who wish to delay or avoid becoming pregnant, or who have been pregnant in the past.

If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that people don’t like being told what to do. To restrict an individual’s options and to ban abortion before most patients even realize they’re pregnant is paternalistic, oppressive and wrong.

Every moment Ashcroft puts off bringing this law before voters is an overt insult to the rule of law and a denial of Missourians’ constitutional rights.

Monica Kao

Kansas City

Name isn’t A, OK?

My wife and I attended a Royals-Indians game at Kauffman Stadium last Saturday, and every staff member who greeted us — from the gate to the view level — did so with, “Welcome to the K.”

I asked one of the greeters why he called the stadium “the K,” and he said that’s what they were told to say.

Royals founder Ewing Kauffman must be turning over in his grave to hear the people working there denigrate his name and wonderful stadium this way.

Nobody refers to Arrowhead Stadium as “the A.”

Dick Horn

Overland Park