Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss ignoring an immigrant’s culpability and renters’ tax credits

Other rules broken

So ICE agents “broke rules” in arresting Florencio Millan? (July 24, 14A, “ICE agents broke more than a car window. They broke rules”) The editorial glossed over the fact that Millan also broke rules by entering the United States illegally — not once, but twice … or was it three times? (The editorial was a little fuzzy on that.)

And while we’re talking about breaking rules: Has anyone talked to Millan’s employer? Did he know Millan was in the country illegally? If so, there’s another rule breaker.

I sympathize with Millan and his family, but don’t zero in on making law enforcement the bad guys.

Don Homrighausen

Overland Park

Help where needed

I was very impressed that Stella Linn, a young lady in her teens, would be aware of the silent suffering of people lacking safe and affordable places to call home. (July 20, 7A, Letters) Not only that, she made the effort to voice her concerns and offer a proven way to help: a renters’ tax credit.

There are several similar renters’ tax credit proposals in Congress now. This credit would serve as a cap on the amount of rent and utilities a low-income household would pay (about 30% of income). And it would provide a tax credit for the balance above that to the local fair market value.

President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax cuts were a boon for the top 20% of households. He has given massive tax cuts to the wealthy and large corporations, at the expense of low- and middle- income families. We need to support struggling families.

Donna Munro

Bremerton, Washington