Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss praying for Trump and Puerto Rico’s model protests

We need prayer

I have voted for both Republican and Democratic presidents since the 1960s. Some have accomplished more than others, but I have never been afraid of any of them until now.

It has been hurtful to hear this president condemn Americans and praise a Russian dictator.

We are the United States, and we must remain united. Personal attacks on any of us hurt many.

I must continue to pray for our country and our president. Please join me.

Jerry Soetaert


Look southward

Had we known to add pots and pans, perseverance and perpetual presence to our pussy hats, we could have set the example of ridding the White House of its accused sexual abuser, insulter-in-chief and outright misfit for fellow Americans in Puerto Rico to follow. Instead, that territory ousted Gov. Ricardo Rossello by absolutely not putting up with the same garbage President Donald Trump has been dishing out. Puerto Ricans successfully exercised their rights to assemble, protest and speak freely while the rest of us just let this keep happening.

Maybe Trump’s dismissive visit there after Hurricane Maria stirred their outrage. It would almost be a shame if they were granted statehood under his reign, but what more could people do to demonstrate their respect for a democratic republic and their rightful place in it?

Puerto Ricans should be represented in Washington officially with statehood, but I wonder if they would want it once they see how elected Republicans support their naked emperor, covering up his amateur moves and excusing his totally unacceptable behavior.

Ellen Murphy

Mission Hills