Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss a true Trump blessing and the condition of KC’s streets

National blessing

Many years ago, when people sneezed, it was thought they were trying to expel evil spirits from their bodies. Friends would say, “God bless you,” in hopes of helping.

We still honor this tradition today, and I pray we say a collective “God bless you” when we finally sneeze President Donald Trump from American history.

Armand Way


Get ahead

Though last winter contributed to the poor state of Kansas City streets, counterproductive practices that we observed nine years ago when we moved here fail to prevent future problems.

Instead of the passive approach now taken — relying on residents to report potholes and other issues — I would suggest the city take a more assertive approach.

The city should commission a GPS-based smartphone app that requires nothing more than opening the app and tapping a map to report a problem. The current 311 action center and online mapping system are not user friendly. I strongly suspect the number of issues reported is very low compared with the number of problems that actually exist.

I often hear about the city considering subsidies for new construction projects. Why not spend that money to serve residents in a more direct manner, such as streets and other infrastructure issues?

I’m quite certain visitors to the city are impressed by the green spaces, beautiful buildings and attractions here. I’m equally convinced they are less impressed as they travel the streets.

We can do better.

Ronald Morgan

Kansas City