Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Ted Cruz, electronic billboards, and Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill

Turn it around

GOP leaders worry about the impact of the “send her back” chant at President Donald Trump’s recent rally. (July 19, 1A, “Trump seeks to disavow ‘send her back’ chant”) Perhaps party regulars could purge their fears of the chant by changing the gender and reversing the charges.

James Heiman


Break the fever

I have lived in Kansas for longer than two decades and have seen a lot of politics, but what is happening in the Republican Party now is beyond any reasonable explanation.

I was a registered Republican for years, but seeing the party rally around President Donald Trump and his racist and xenophobic policies has become so distasteful that I could no longer in good conscience be part of it.

Congress needs to condemn his attempts to seek campaign aid from foreign powers, his racist tweets and his systematic dismantling of regulations that keep our country safe from bad corporate actors. I also expect my senators to challenge Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s obstructionist and childlike decision to keep all bills passed by the House from the Senate floor.

Sen. Ted Cruz has, as far as I can tell, been the only reasonable Republican in recent months, and I am deeply saddened that we ended up with Trump as executive in chief instead of him.

It is time for the Republican Party to lead the way back to sanity, and I expect my senators from the great state of Kansas to lead the charge.

Danial Porter


Look over here

Well, I see the billboard boosters are at it again. No longer satisfied with the intrusion of plain printed signs, they now are going digital with full-color lighted electronic pictures that change every few seconds along our streets and highways.

They can rave all they want, but they can’t escape the fact that the only purpose of a billboard is to attract attention. Just what we need — more distractions for our ever more congested roadways.

Surely a modicum of sanity will prevail and our city leaders will deny these and any future efforts to divert attention from safe driving.

Larry Kauffman

Kansas City

Welcome voices

Sunday’s op-ed page featured commentaries from new Star editorial board member Michael Ryan and guest columnist Tonya Staeger. (19A, “Pro-life advocates should debate new abortion law”; “Law enforcement doesn’t have to be ‘us versus them’”)

It must have taken courage for Staeger to write as she did of the police misconduct she witnessed during her 15 years as a police dispatcher. As she noted, much of the public has experienced or is aware of the behavior she described. I thank her for having the courage to report it publicly from her personal experience as an insider. We should hope her words will be seen by all in law enforcement and cause them to vigorously and openly object to such misconduct.

As to Ryan’s columns I’ve seen since he first appeared, it seems The Star has decided to add some balance to its opinion section. So far, I have found his work to be a breath of fresh air with a different perspective I expect to be welcomed by a significant number of The Star’s readers. I hope he stays with us.

Larry Livengood

Overland Park

Our real history

Thanks to Evelyn Wilson for her July 11 letter to the editor about Native Americans. (14A) They are the only true Americans in this country, as everyone else came here from somewhere else or their forebears did. And some Native Americans are still being mistreated today.

I am so proud to be part Cherokee — not very much, but enough to brag about.

I think John Ehle’s “Trail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation” should be required reading in schools.

Hellen Sanderson

Kansas City

Cut Hill loose

The Chiefs need to get rid of wide receiver Tyreek Hill. He’s caused enough distraction to suit me. All the constant commentary about what he did or didn’t do is like a soap opera — the same old stuff, only a different day.

It’s time for him to go on down the road. I don’t know why the Chiefs drafted him to begin with. The baggage he brought should have been a warning.

A leopard doesn’t change his spots.

Janet K. Thomas


What’s fair now?

Whom are these people kidding while complaining about hikes in Jackson County’s property taxes? For years, they’ve gotten away with not paying their fair share, and when it catches up with them, they cry “unfair.”

Perhaps the height of hypocrisy was a man I recently saw on the news. He had just left a meeting about housing assessments and said that if his didn’t get dramatically reduced, he would move out of the county.

My question to him: Are you going to list your house at last year’s undervalued price or at this year’s “unfair” value? I think we know the answer.

Ed McHardie

Kansas City