Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss self-absorbed Megan Rapinoe, gun violence and puppy mills

Wrong team

Evidently, U.S. women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe doesn’t represent the name on the front of her jersey — only the name on the back. She is selfish and self-absorbed, and her profanity is tiresome.

If athletes can’t represent all of us, they shouldn’t represent any of us. And those athletes shouldn’t be on the U.S. National Team.

Frank Green

Kansas City

How can this be?

The July 9 column, “Wounds at school shooting drill were fake, but our grief is real,” about a recent active shooter drill at a Kirksville, Missouri, school was both heart-wrenching and maddening. How can we stand by uttering thoughts and prayers when our kids and their school staffs must endure the trauma of a fake shooting drill? We know similar drills are being held in synagogues and churches.

How is it possible that we as a society in what used to be the world’s most civilized country allow ourselves to be so complacent about mass shootings that we are not outraged and distressed about the need to learn how to stay alive at schools and places of worship? How can we let the gun lobby run roughshod over our cowardly and greedy elected officials so sensible gun regulations are not passed?

We’re not talking about taking away guns. We are simply saying we must take automatic rifles, which are designed solely to maim and to kill, off the streets and ensure that people who own any firearm have passed a simple background check.

It’s far past time to express our outage to our elected officials — or to ensure they are not reelected.

Judy Sherry

Kansas City

Do right by dogs

This is for Nick, my Lakeland terrier. He had spent the first half of his life in a puppy mill cage. He died recently, one day shy of 16.

I urge anyone planning to get a dog to not buy from a breeder unless you are certain the puppies are at the owner’s home and that these are all he has. Puppy mills tend to breed several types of dogs (females often have two litters every year), and the kennels — with cages stacked three or four high — are often in rural areas, separated from the family home, so the buyer never sees the “mill” itself.

We don’t need more dogs; we need fewer dogs languishing for months or years in shelters. These rescue-ready dogs come in all ages, sizes and breeds. Consider getting one of these lonely pups. Heck, get two while you’re at it. They will reward you many times over. And always spay or neuter.

Do it for dogs like Nick.

Bill Boley

Kansas City

Harm being done

An open letter to the Kansas Board of Healing Arts:

I wish to file a formal complaint and request for an investigation into the remarks of U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall of Kansas, who is also a physican. Your medical board website confirms his license.

Marshall visited what I consider concentration camps, overseen by President Donald Trump, in Texas and said he approved of the conditions. (July 4, 12A, “Kansas Rep. Roger Marshall says migrant detention is ‘adequate.’ What’s his idea of awful?”)

Even if Marshall’s views on the migrants’ care are valid (which I doubt), he is endorsing the known medical harm that arises from separating children from their parents. This is coming from an obstetrician-gynecologist who should know better.

If he doesn’t know better, then his medical training and knowledge are so deficient as to require rectifying to keep his license. If he does know better, then his outrageous position is cruel and violates the “First, do no harm” tenet of the Hippocratic oath.

There are other elements of Marshall’s political positions I find offensive, but those statements give me evidence that a medical degree confers on its holder neither compassion nor wisdom.

Further, with Marshall’s use of his Christianity to portray his values, his behavior is inconsistent with those values and therefore violates canons against moral turpitude.

I urge the board to investigate Marshall immediately and take disciplinary action if warranted.

George E. Schwarz

Great Bend, Kansas