Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss a welcome take on Kansas and thanks to KC Water staff

Welcome view

It was refreshing to read Michael Ryan’s column, “After Brownback and Kobach, how can conservatives rebound?” Monday. (7A) He adroitly addressed the statewide political landscape in Kansas.

My thanks also to The Star for engaging a columnist who offers a balancing view to those consistently found in the opinion section (and frequently on the news pages).

Al Higdon


That’s some help

After recent heavy rains, my elderly father’s home in the Kansas City’s Westport-Roanoke neighborhood experienced basement flooding because of a backup originating in the city’s right-of-way easement.

After contacts with KC Water Services and city government, the backup was eliminated within 72 hours.

Regrettably, my father’s home experienced serious water damage. However, my family and I are working diligently to get things back to normal.

My thanks to the office of 4th District at-large Councilwoman Katheryn Shields. Particular thanks also to members of the KC Water staff, especially inspector David Morgan and field service technician Darryl Fields.

I was very impressed with the city’s response to our very difficult situation. Compliments to all involved.

David J. Bernal

Lee’s Summit