Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss a thumb on the World Cup scale and how great America is

No way to win

What’s going on? For soccer fans, the Women’s World Cup has been a joy to watch. However, some questionable calls seem to have favored the United States — even though our team is so strong it hardly needs help.

In the game with France, an obvious handball in the penalty area was not called and not substantially reviewed. France could have tied the game. And against England, an English goal was overturned by a very slight offside call, which even a pro-American commentator thought was onside.

No refereeing, either on the field or off, can be perfect, but I’m beginning to wonder who, other than the U.S. side and its supporters, is benefiting from these questionable calls.

I hope that in the final match Sunday, a close call will not determine the outcome.

Geoffrey Allen

Lee’s Summit

Another planet

What an inspiring and uplifting day watching the celebrations July 4 in Washington, D.C. (July 5, 1A, “Trump presides over July 4 tribute to military”) It was great to see and hear what made America great and keeps it great.

What a contrast to what the Democratic Party’s candidates are saying is wrong with America. Are they from a different world?

Marion Pember