Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Realizing there is more than just White House drama

Bigger world

As the Democratic candidates move beyond the first debates, I hope to see them more concerned with meaningful foreign policy. Our political climate is saturated with domestic issues, with politicians and their constituents neglecting to realize that what happens abroad affects us at home, too.

With the national media infatuated with developments in the White House, we must not forget that an entire world exists beyond stories about domestic disputes.

I thank Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran for being willing to reach across the aisle during this divisive political time in his recent attempt to block President Donald Trump from selling arms to Saudi Arabia. (June 22, 9A, “Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran thinks murder should have consequences. Why don’t his colleagues?”)

As a global hegemon, the United States should urge the advancement of human rights — not reinforce its abuses. There are undoubtedly ways for the nation to reap financial gain while supporting the betterment of others, such as using government resources to lift developing communities out of poverty.

Impoverished people are, after all, the largest untapped market on earth. Our elected leaders must move beyond internal differences and earnestly support expanded opportunities for all.

Molly Logan


Not so funny

I am up in years and usually am very careful about what I say, and I am therefore not wrong often.

I have for several years told my friends that all the great comedians are dead, with the exception of Carol Burnett. Then I watched the Democrats’ two debates. I was wrong.

Rodger Shinn

Fredonia, Kansas