Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss needless gun worries, Revocup coffee and Kietzman’s truth

Guns are no worry

Worried about guns? I saw a neighbor using a real flamethrower recently to clear weeds from the yard. These devices must be illegal, right? Wrong.

In almost the entire United States, flamethrowers are legal. You can buy them on Amazon, no questions asked. For a few hundred dollars, any kid can purchase a flamethrower as powerful as those used in World War II.

Napalm can be made with common household items. Highly explosive miners grade calcium carbide is also available to anyone with access to the internet.

Guns are not the problems. The moral decay and lack of leadership in our society are.

I do not own a gun, but I do belong to the National Rifle Association. The first step to a loss of individual freedom starts with disarming the population.

John Diment


Don’t blow it

I worked as an X-ray technician for 30 years at various hospitals. I was working on one Fourth of July when a man came in with an injury to his hand. The whole time I was X-raying this gentleman, he kept up a steady one-sided conversation about his right to shoot off fireworks.

I asked him what he did for a living. He just stared at his mangled hand and never said another word.

Susan R. Jonesi

Grain Valley

A local great

One of the few non-corporate coffee houses left in Johnson County, Revocup on Quivira Road in Overland Park, was where the bold flavors of Ethiopian coffee awakened my passion for java some five years ago. But, thanks to an “unmeetable demand” by its landlord, Revocup owner Habte Mesfin announced the shop’s departure from the strip mall that I now have no reason to visit.

Located across the street from Johnson County Community College, Revocup was a hub for professors, intellectuals, students and artists. The dim lighting, friendly baristas and reliably good music made for a space that transcended merely great coffee.

It was a holdout of decency and community in an area where local businesses are being choked out by corporations. They were unsuccessful until now. Two Starbucks and a Scooters went up less than a block away, but Revocup’s loyal clientele never wavered — or at least I didn’t.

Luckily, I live in Kansas City now, and coffee is one avenue of local business that remains sustainable. There are plenty of options to choose from. But my heart aches for my coffee-loving friends and family in Johnson County. At least there’s the Black Dog in Lenexa.

Gavin Miller-


Kansas City

Trump owns crisis

The heartbreaking picture of the young father and his baby daughter, face down and drowned, should be enough to make Americans jolt awake and prove to the rest of the world that we are better than this. (June 30, 13A, “Drowned immigrant father and daughter are desperation’s face”)

Illegal immigration has been a problem for years, but only now, with our current president and his supporters, has our response become shockingly inhumane.

Please call your representatives in Congress and demand that we fix this disgraceful situation at the southern border. It was not a crisis until President Donald Trump made it one.

Ruth Kauffman

Overland Park

Keitzman’s point

While I agree that no one should delve into another person’s family life, I do think Kevin Kietzman was half right when he criticized Chiefs coach Andy Reid’s style.

I was a Philadelphia Eagles fan for 47 years. The day Reid allowed Michael Vick to play quarterback was the day I left the Eagles. To allow Vick to return to football was a crime. He should still be in prison.

Reid has taken on some players who have done some nasty things, and I think he did try to fix them. But he is not “the fixer,” nor is he trained in that field. These players do need help in their personal lives, but they do not belong on the football field.

Reid seems drawn to this kind of personality. I saw it in Philadelphia, and I see it in Kansas City.

The Chiefs should have dismissed Tyreek Hill from the team immediately, but he was given a second chance. Is it more important to win than to set a good example?

Again, Kietzman should never even have brought up the Reid family. It was wrong, and as a professional, he should have known that. But Kietzman was also half right.

Sonja Shaffer

Overland Park

Right kind of blues

Kudos to the Kansas City Kansas Street Blues Festival committee for again presenting a top-notch blues festival this past weekend in our own backyard, Lavender’s Circle L Ranch in Kansas City, Kansas. The natural amphitheater provided the perfect setting for the music of festival “king” Danny Cox and a multitude of Kansas City bands.

The weather was hot, but the crowd did not seem to mind. I can’t say enough about the congenial and well-informed volunteers who worked all day in the heat.

Congratulations to Dawayne Gilley, Cathy Ramirez, Frank Lavender, Neil Henrickson and the rest of the crew for presenting an A-plus event in true Kansas City spirit.

Suzanne Colbert