Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Jordyn Walker, P&L District debt and driving while black

Inspirational spirit

I just finished reading the series about Jordyn Walker and the path she has been forced to walk. (June 16-19, 1A, “Laughing in the dark”) Jordyn, I say this from the bottom of my heart as someone who can have his train derailed by a grain of sand: You are truly an inspiration, showing us how a positive attitude, regardless of the severity of an issue, can inspire not only yourself, but also others.

Thank you. You have made my day. You are definitely destined for great things.

Paul Wickingson

Overland Park

On the hook

In the recent Kansas City mayoral debates, I never heard the city’s ongoing multimillion-dollar guarantees for the Power & Light District mentioned. This debt is projected to continue for perhaps 20 years.

This should be a warning to future mayors, council members and city managers to be more careful before jumping into such agreements.

Troy Bell

Kansas City

Yes, it happens

I read the June 20 story about James Ross’ experience being pulled over by police for turning right into a left lane. (1A, “Driving while black in Missouri”) I have been appalled for several years that this is still happening.

I am a white person who has done what Ross was accused of hundreds of times, and I’ve never been pulled over. I’ve also never been followed as described in the story — nor would I ever expect that to happen.

Speaking of white privilege, these are prime examples for those of you who deny that it exists.

Katherine Snow

Kansas City