Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss war with Iran, Jordyn Walker and campaign robocalls

No, not again

The administration of President George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. This led to two wars in the Middle East, which elevated the threat of the Taliban.

It also created the Islamic State, which as we know slaughtered and enslaved thousands and destroyed and desecrated irreplaceable historic sites. This foundation of lies led to the deaths and maiming of thousands of U.S. soldiers and countless innocent citizens of Middle East countries as well.

The administration of the current president unilaterally quit an agreement with Iran aimed at restricting that country’s nuclear program. Now it is attempting to precipitate war with Iran, the stated goal of several of this administration’s extreme advisers.

Let us not allow this ignorant, out-of-control president to do this to our soldiers and the people of the Middle East. We U.S. citizens must raise our voices to stop this unconscionable, irrational, politically motivated rush to war.

Kevin H. Connaghan

Roeland Park

Foresight lacking

Rule No. 1: If you’re planning on starting a war with Iran, it’s a good idea to have an experienced secretary of defense.

The White House circus continues. That is why all prospective appointees such as Patrick Shanahan should be thoroughly vetted. (June 19, 9A, “Pentagon chief steps down, citing family trauma”)

Where is James Mattis when he’s really needed?

John S. Savella Jr.

Overland Park

Learn from Jordyn

In these times that often put society’s humanity and values to the test, I found Eric Adler’s four-part series, “Laughing in the Dark,” about Jordyn Walker to be both uplifting and a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Jordyn’s story helps us gain fresh perspectives that transform our preconceptions about disability by showing instead there is a life of great possibility?

Ron Fugate

Overland Park

Wrong priorities

Each day of my life, I wonder when our governor and other politicians will do the work that the people of Missouri voted for them to do.

They have been unable to propose a simple fuel tax for the people to vote on without adding trash to it. A fuel tax should be for road and bridge repair or replacement, and nothing else. I believe the people would pass it, because they drive on the roads and know they need repairing. The people of this state are not ignorant, as the politicians seem to think.

Now they have come up with an abortion law that has little or no respect for the women of our state. They call themselves “pro-life” and say this new law is for the unborn children.

Where is the “pro-life” policy for women and young girls who experience unwanted pregnancies? Some have tried to abort on their own and seriously harmed themselves. Some have overdosed on drugs and died.

“Pro-life” should be for abused women as well as unborn children. These politicians should remember that God loves all of his children, and not just a few.

Gerald T. Melton

Doniphan, Missouri

Uncalled for

The latest election in Kansas City is over. Thank goodness.

I have a thought for anyone running for political office in the future: If people put their names on a “no call” list, as I have done, that is probably because we do not want to hear from you.

Be assured that when I get a robocall from your campaign, I consider that disrespectful, invasive, contrary to public policy (if you checked the list, you would see that I choose to have the protection offered by that policy), insulting (I know how to research your history, experience and positions on issues) and just plain rude.

Next time, if you want my vote, don’t call me. Thank you.

Elzene Gourley

Kansas City

Special attention

My mom recently needed to be transported via ambulance. When I arrived at her home, the paramedics said their policy required them to take her to the nearest hospital — in this case Research Medical Center.

That wasn’t her hospital of choice, but I am so glad for that policy, because Research is where her angels were waiting.

I cannot say enough about the quality of care and kindness shown by this hospital staff. At her age (92), a lot of things don’t work well. She and I had discussed her wishes regarding an advanced directive, because she wanted to be treated without pain or heroics.

Research’s staff provided excellent care. Though I did not get the names of all those who helped us, I’d like to give special thanks to emergency room physician Eric Schneider, hospitalist Dr. Sam, social workers Dee and Debbie, and the nursing staff — particularly Ana. She and Debbie were with me during my mother’s passing.

My family was lucky the medical angels at Research Medical Center were with us May 14 and 15. Thank you, and God bless you all.

Vicki Ried