Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Whales-spotting, Jedi cremations and detecting underwire bras

Just ask Ahab

That “Prince of Whales” whom President Donald Trump claimed to have met must be one really big dude. (June 14, 7A, “Trump equates help from Russia with diplomacy”)

Gerry Leonard


A math problem

There has been a lot in the press recently about disparity between women and men on payouts in the World Cup. According to Fédération Internationale de Football Association records, the men’s 2018 World Cup in Russia brought in $6 billion in revenue and the current Women’s World Cup is expected to gross $131 million. That’s a whopping 2% of the men’s gross.

Men received a $400 million payout, about 7% of the revenue. The women are expected to earn $30 million, or about 23%.

What am I missing here? I don’t see packed crowds at the Power & Light District watching the women’s games. Many sports bars don’t even have them on television. Media coverage is negligible. Many people I have talked to don’t even know the Women’s World Cup is going on now.

The Women’s World Cup is not nearly as popular as the men’s game, and the advertising revenue and gross receipts reflect that.

The pay disparity is justified.

Clyde Ernst

Lee’s Summit

Keep them upbeat

I was so hoping to see only positive campaign ads on TV during Kansas City’s mayoral race. Thankfully, the race is now over. I noticed that one of the candidates seemed to refrain from going negative about the other.

I hope that in the elections of 2020, we will not be bombarded by the dark and depressing campaign ads like we had in the 2018 local and state elections.

If it happens again, I guess we will just have to turn off our TVs.

Sylvia Smith

Lee’s Summit

Up in smoke

I see Missouri is trying to go back to the old days not only by restricting abortions, but also by allowing people to give their dead loved ones outdoor cremations. (June 16, 4A, “‘Jedi Disposal Act’ could legalize outdoor cremations”)

Seeing as we are in the middle of seemingly uncontrolled global warming spurred by rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, this doesn’t seem like a good, or even sane, idea.

An environmental study should be undertaken to evaluate this proposal.

The Vikings didn’t care that they were spewing carbon dioxide into the air because they didn’t know it was a problem. But we know better now.

Let’s take a breath and think about whether it’s a cool historical ceremony or a dumb, unnecessary way to pollute the environment.

Liz Craig

Overland Park

Sensitive issue

Jackson County jail officials say their metal detectors can’t discern the difference between a knife and a bra’s support wire. Professionally, I know otherwise. There is a huge difference in the few grams of metal in an underwire bra and the mass of a knife. Any institutional metal detector made in the last 20 years has the sensitivity to tell the difference, if properly adjusted.

Sheriff Darryl Forte is unwilling to adapt his screening policy, but I think all he really needs to do is fine-tune the metal detectors so that bras don’t trigger alarms.

David Lane


Don’t let me hear it

In his song “The Wicked Messenger,” Bob Dylan sang, “If you cannot bring good news, then don’t bring any.”

I think President Donald Trump must have been following that advice when he fired his pollsters for bringing bad news. (June 17, 1A, “Trump campaign dropping 3 pollsters after results leak”)

Ancel Neuburger