Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss two-party system realities and Jackson County tax rates

A false choice

A letter in Sunday’s Star employs faulty reasoning. (16A) Its author says he is unhappy with both parties, Democratic and Republican. He is considering voting for Howard Schultz, who would run as a third-party candidate.

However a voter may feel, to be realistic we must function under the system that exists. Working to change it may be preferable — but only in the long run, not during an election.

In 2020, one of only two will win: President Donald Trump or his Democratic opponent. A citizen’s duty is to vote for the one who will be better. To say they are equal would be nonsense.

It also is irresponsible, and self-indulgent, to vote on the basis of likes, dislikes or who would be “more fun to have a beer with,” or to refrain from voting altogether simply because one is “tired of voting for the least worst.”

We live in the real world, and we should act accordingly.

Max J. Skidmore

Overland Park

Relief needed

With Jackson County homeowners receiving surprisingly high new property assessments, the county coffers will seemingly be overflowing with new revenue. (June 12, 1A, “Don’t panic over property assessments just yet, but act now to avoid big tax hit”)

Will there ever be a lowering of the tax levies? There are people who will not be able to stay in their homes.

Do not ask us to increase taxes in the future for any public projects. The taxpayers are broke.

Ken Henderson

Kansas City