Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss underwire bras at the county jail, Royals and The Paseo

Where’s the threat?

As a social worker, I go into the maximum security prisons of Missouri’s Jefferson City Correctional Center and Kansas’ Lansing Correctional Facility on a regular basis wearing an underwire bra with no issue and no incident. What the doodle heck, Jackson County jail administration? (June 13, 1A, “Attorneys protest jail policy on bra removal”)

I’m looking at the calendar, and it says 2019. It sounds as if you need some basic education and training from others who run high custody-level facilities and have it figured out.

It’s just one issue after another with the Jackson County jail, and I think its administrators have more serious fish to fry than to continue this fight about underwire bras — unless they have evidence to clearly tie security breaches to the garments.

Kathleen Kennedy

Kansas City

Pony up

Dear David Glass: I’m sorry you aren’t spending money to get top players, coaches and managers. Kansas City loves baseball. We want a team that can win more than it loses.

Empty seats should speak loudly that you need to pull out your checkbook and pay for a good bullpen. Step up your game.

Thank you, from this loyal Royals fan.

Liz Melling

Overland Park

Split decision

Since the word “paseo” means walk, drive or avenue, why not name the street “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Paseo” (not “Boulevard.”)?

Maybe then people would informally come to know it as something like “The King Paseo.”

Linda Garrett

Blue Springs