Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss wonderful talent at Worlds of Fun shows and net neutrality

Worlds of talent

I have never witnessed a stronger concentration of musical talent than that among the performers at Worlds of Fun. The park’s show production staff is Kansas City’s great little secret.

The costumes, lighting, sound, staging and choreography are superb. Perhaps most important, the performers hit every note on the money while doing complicated and exhausting dance moves. Their young voices not only harmonize but also blend with exquisite precision.

In the 1970s, a critic at The Star said Worlds of Fun’s shows rival or surpass the musical entertainment at all other venues throughout the city. I am delighted to announce that the park’s talent is once again providing the highest quality of musical entertainment.

I congratulate Worlds of Fun and its owner, Cedar Fair, for making live entertainment a priority. I encourage everyone to visit Worlds of Fun and sample the musical presentations.

Show production requires a great many dedicated staff members, a great deal of time and a great effort. Worlds of Fun does it with talent, creativity and unbridled joy.

David L. Schmalz

Kansas City

Neutrality needed

Today, Sens. Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts have the opportunity to represent the people of Kansas and guarantee the right to a free and open internet. If they are pro-small business and care about rural broadband, then they have to support net neutrality. They must call for a vote in the Senate on a measure supported by more than 80% of Americans.

We won’t forget on whose side Kansas’ senators stood when they had the chance to protect the internet for all.

Matt Shaw