Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: KCPD needs Mounted Patrol Section to fight crime effectively

Keep the horses

The consideration of disbanding the Kansas City Police Department Mounted Patrol Section is a question of manpower: What is the appropriate use of police assets to quell the crime and violence now rampant in the city? (April 6, 7A, “Horse-mounted police are popular, but less than necessary in a violent Kansas City”)

However, to shut down an entire unit and reassign six officers to patrol cars would do nothing to decrease criminal activity. It would take away the only police unit to efficiently conduct community policing — by being approachable, inviting direct conversation and community interaction and, importantly, being proactive by deploying to designated problem areas, thereby preventing criminal activity.

The next meeting of the police commissioners will be at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday at police headquarters. There, the decision about whether the mounted patrol will continue as an effective arm of law enforcement will be announced.

Attend the meeting if possible. And if you wish to join those who believe Kansas City needs the Mounted Patrol Section, please express your feelings to the department.

Think about where you live, work, shop and enjoy life. Do you feel safe and secure?

Most likely, the answer is yes — and it’s at least partly because of the presence of the mounted patrol. Kansas City needs the Mounted Patrol Section now more than ever.

AliceLee Hollister

Chair, Friends of the KC Mounted Police

Overland Park