Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Democrats’ drama, supporting Glenn Amundson and Trump’s tariffs

Unjust ouster

The newly elected board members robbed Center School District’s students, parents and patrons of an exceptional superintendent when they ousted Sharon Nibbelink. (June 1, 4A, “Center schools superintendent resigns abruptly — reasons unclear”)

A former district administrator, I hired Dr. Nibbelink in 1992 and witnessed her very positive impact at the middle school. She engaged students, worked with teachers and administrators and changed the culture. Since that time, Dr. Nibbelink has worked hard as a principal and a superintendent to serve all the district’s students and the entire Center community with notable success — especially in terms of student achievement.

Board members with a hidden agenda cause great damage. It happened in the Center School District nearly 25 years ago. I feel sad for this special community.

Kathy Whited


Work; don’t probe

Does anyone who is brighter than a broomstick think that the political theater and chaos that the Democrats — particularly the congressional Democrats — are engaging in is anything but childish attempts to harass President Donald Trump leading up to the 2020 election?

I think the only programs and policies the Democrats have to offer are abortion, open borders, identity politics (racism, victimization, sexual confusion) and socialism.

Congress screams and hollers when Trump takes action to stop the invasion by immigrants at our southern border or takes action against China, which has cheated us big time on trade for decades.

I have a solution. Members of Congress should do the jobs they were elected to do: Solve the problems the nation faces and don’t waste their time and taxpayers’ money on useless investigations.

Bud Frye


Engage; don’t repel

The ban on travel to Cuba is worse than senseless. It’s also counter-productive. (June 5, 8A, “New US rules to halt Americans’ cruises to Cuba”)

When Cubans can visit their families in the United States, and when American citizens can interact with the people of Cuba and enjoy their culture, we will plant the seeds of “we want more” in the Cuban population. We can be positive by encouraging cultural exchange with our Cuban neighbors, or we can work to destroy them, driving them closer to their totalitarian government.

President Donald Trump doesn’t know how to engage with others positively to produce change.

Linda Neal

Kansas City

Not American

Even in our prisons for those who have committed the most heinous crimes against society, we provide education, recreation and basic care.

Immigrant children surely deserve as much.

I am ashamed of my country.

Heather Curry

Overland Park

I’ll vouch for him

I am writing in defense of Glenn Amundson in his sexual harassment lawsuit. (May 14, 4A, “Doctor at OP sports medicine clinic sexually harassed worker, lawsuit alleges”)

Amundson is one of the finest men and finest surgeons I have ever had the privilege of knowing in my 50-plus years of work in health care. I have been his patient for more than a decade and have never witnessed harassment of any kind, although I have seen and experienced a lot of it from others during my career.

I have also referred many patients to him over the years. When no other surgeons would operate on me because of the severity of my problem, he enabled me to walk and enjoy life again.

Dr. Amundson, if you read this, feel free to call my husband, Pat, and me to be character witnesses if needed. You are in our prayers.

Norma J. Robinson

Lyndon, Kansas

Spell it out

George Will’s June 1 column cites President Donald Trump’s “frequently reiterated belief that exporters to the United States pay the tariffs that U.S. importers and consumers pay.” (7A, “Protectionism is the medicine to cure the U.S. economy to death”)

To clarify who actually pays the tariffs in the end, I suggest that invoices, price quotes and vehicle window stickers contain an itemization of what tariffs have added to the cost of the item purchased. Such documents already itemize such charges as sales tax, shipping, handling and destination charges. So it would be a simple matter to add a “Trump tariff” line.

The president might not understand how tariffs affect consumers. But consumers certainly would understand how tariffs affect them if they saw an itemized tariff line.

Richard A. Hathaway