Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss anti-GOP bias, the Mueller report and pothole discrepancies

Unfair to GOP

The Star is so far left that it is not objective. It puts its spin on anything it reports.

I happen to be Republican, and never once have I found myself wandering around “bumping into trees,” as a Monday letter writer seems to think. (7A) He stated that the old Republican Party may as well be in the Smithsonian.

What about the Democrats? They certainly are not the Democratic Party for which my parents voted.

President Donald Trump is vilified no matter what he does. The Democrats block all efforts to stem illegal immigration and cry about tariffs.

Republicans are not idiots. We love our country and do not want to give it away to people who break our immigration laws.

It seems as if Democrats have lost their leadership and their minds.

Becky Tracy

Lee’s Summit

Publish for all

To all American newspapers, liberal or conservative: Do your duty. Allow your readers to digest the truth and make an informed decision after reading special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. The great majority of Americans have not read it.

The Star should print the important portions of both parts of the report over several days. Inform your readers and allow them to come to their own conclusions.

In the first section, reference how Russians, with the knowledge of Donald Trump’s campaign team, worked tirelessly to release false information that influenced voters to elect Trump over Hillary Clinton.

In the second section, list all the numerous, proven ways that Trump broke the law and obstructed justice. Mueller has stated publicly that he could not exonerate the president of his perceived wrongdoing.

To all newspapers throughout the country: If you have a conscience and believe you have a responsibility to your readers, it is time to respond to this challenge. History and the American reader will judge you by your action or inaction.

William R. Park Sr.


Hometown support

Every year, I examine the list of celebrities participating in the fantastic Big Slick fundraiser, with special interest in Kansas City’s own celebrities.

And every year, I’ve gone from disappointed to disgusted about those who can’t find it in their hearts to support their hometown’s big charity event.

I’m calling out Kansas City’s own: Janelle Monae, Eddie Griffin, Tech N9ne and Don Cheadle. All were born in or hail from Kansas City yet are conspicuously absent each and every year.

Here’s hoping they will all have a change of mind for next year’s event.

Ed McHardie

Kansas City

Listen to Harry

Recently, I heard that President Donald Trump will rely on a scary word to use against his opponents in the 2020 presidential campaign: “socialism.”

Having been raised in Independence, I decided to do a search of the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum’s digital archive. I found that the term “socialism” was an attack used against Truman many times.

Perhaps what sets Truman apart from candidates today was his insistence that the label was misused, such as when he said in 1952:

“Socialism is what they called public power. Socialism is what they called social security. Socialism is what they called farm price supports. Socialism is what they called bank deposit insurance.”

But unlike Truman, I do believe many of the programs he created and supported had positive socialist aspects.

Is an entirely socialist economy the best possible economy? I don’t know. I am not an economist.

But I do know that public education, the military, police services, fire services and Social Security are programs that I cherish, respect and do not want compromised.

Joshua C. Brown

Lee’s Summit

Basic services

More than a month ago, after I was placed on hold on the Kansas City 311 Action Center phone line for more than half an hour, I reported numerous potholes in the northbound lanes of State Line Road where it meets Red Bridge Road and College Boulevard. As of today, they have not been repaired.

Last week, I reported a dangerous pothole to Overland Park on eastbound 95th Street just west of Mission Road in Prairie Village. Two days later, it was nicely patched.

Does anyone wonder why Kansas City continues to get a bad rap compared with other municipalities in the metropolitan area?

Bruce Berry