Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss motorcycle helmet laws and how the Republican Party changed

Require this, then

When I was a corporate pilot, the company I worked for provided use of its aircraft to an organ bank in Kansas City to retrieve organs for transplants in the area. The donated organs far too often resulted from motorcycle accidents taking the lives of the riders.

If our GOP-controlled Missouri legislature wants to allow riders to go without helmets, then it should at least make it mandatory that riders sign the organ donor forms on the backs of their licenses.

This maybe would at least help save a few lives resulting from such a senseless law.

David Goettel


In the past

The only remaining feature of the traditional Republican Party is a tattered R. The rest of what used to be a viable and nationally important political organization is gone. Now, there are Democrats, Trumpites and what remains of old guard Republicans, heads down, mumbling to themselves while wandering around in a political wasteland, bumping into trees.

Our system of governance depends on a functioning two-party scheme with both parties working in opposition and in concert to devise, strengthen, promote and advance the causes that have made America … well, America.

“A nation divided against itself cannot stand,” Abraham Lincoln said. Today, America is not only reading from a different page — we’re in totally separate libraries. Hanging together or separately is still a hanging, the only difference being the length of the rope.

Looking to find your old, familiar, comfortable Republican Party? Try the Smithsonian.

Jim Bretz

Blue Springs