Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss bashing Biden overseas, art in Roeland Park and TV weather

Stop the insults

I have to ask why every time President Donald Trump gets in front of a microphone abroad, he has to criticize the United States. This week, in Asia, he called Joe Biden “low IQ” and endorsed North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in trashing Biden. (May 28, 1A, “Trump in Japan: Pomp and tense circumstance”)

Why does Trump do this? Does a successful negotiator start by airing the dirty laundry and calling names like a schoolyard brat? How does this recklessness build up America?

The president cannot tell the difference between a microphone on the international stage and a pep rally of sycophants in Smallville, USA. He is always inappropriate, be it at the White House Easter egg hunt or in Helsinki.

My father, a 30-year Air Force veteran who was a flight instructor in World War II and who flew choppers on his Vietnam tour, would call this unfortunate tendency of Trump and his team giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Mr. President, lift up your country. The world is listening.

Suzann Geringer


Artistic eyesore

I live across the street from R Park, a tiny park in Roeland Park surrounded by houses less than 100 feet away. When the city installed a sculpture there, I began to question the justification for many pieces of public art.

I am now forced to look at what I consider to be “junk art,” which makes my life miserable, not better. Let me enjoy R Park as a park and not as a vehicle for promoting someone else’s version of beauty or a desire to “enlighten” me.

If the residents of Roeland Park had been allowed to participate by seeing a picture of the sculpture and then voting on whether it should be permanent, I doubt it would have been installed.

Carol Hein

Roeland Park

Look outside

A Sunday letter to the editor complained about weather coverage disrupting TV programming. (14A) If one life is saved or there is one injury fewer, interrupting a TV program is a small inconvenience.

The 10% of the metropolitan viewing area the letter said was affected could be hundreds of thousands of people. Tornadoes are indiscriminate, and they hurt or kill whoever is in their path.

The “my world is the world” attitude is a major cause of the dysfunction that permeates our society. Let’s care about our neighbors, friends and strangers.

Patrick O’Malley

Overland Park

It’s your turn

There were about 7,600 children in the Kansas foster care system as of April, according to the May 18 story, “Kansas again keeping children overnight in offices of foster care contractors.” (3A) How many are there in Missouri?

By my reckoning, there should be none in either state — that is, if the multitude of pro-lifers really cared about babies and their futures.

Public tears by legislators for the unborn seem increasingly fashionable. But no tears for the 12-year-old raped and forced to give birth, the order of the day. After all, the rape victim is merely a vessel. And the baby? Well, that’s someone else’s problem.

Step to the podium, Kansas and Missouri lawmakers. Let us voters know whether you have personally raised a foster child without government support.

Let us know whether we are looking at the faces of hypocrisy — or not.

Jean Ford

Overland Park

Audit response

Recently, Kansas City’s auditor released a report of our water-meter testing processes. (May 23, 1A, “Some KC Water meters tested faulty, but they were still put in homes”) Although we didn’t agree with every finding in this report, we support performing independent audits to help us improve our operations and better serve our customers.

We recognize the need to do a better job of documenting our meter-testing processes and procedures to improve the quality of our meter operations. We regret that new meters used for training purposes were placed back into inventory (and eventually installed) without regard to test results collected by the test bench. We have already put in place new procedures to prevent that from happening again.

As stated in our audit response, we will primarily rely on the certified testing that the manufacturer completes to ensure meter accuracy. However, we will continue to do some testing of each new batch of residential meters.

We will increase the number of meters being tested if we find significant differences in KC Water test results from the certified test results from the manufacturer.

We will also ensure that each meter test is properly documented in the meter-test bench database. Testing of meters done for training purposes will be documented, as well as any test that fails for reasons other than accuracy results.

We take seriously our responsibility to maintain the systems and equipment necessary to provide you accurate water service, and we look forward to updating the City Council in six months on the progress we’ve made. Visit kcmo.gov/cityauditor to read our full response at the end of the audit.

Terry Leeds

Director, KC Water

Kansas City