Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss a United Methodist pastor’s offer and mini-golf at the Nelson

I recognize love

As an ordained United Methodist pastor, I read with interest the May 23 story about the proceedings of the UMNext Conference hosted by the Leawood-based Church of the Resurrection. (4A, “Methodist leaders say they’ll resist church’s anti-LGBT policies but not break away”) It was inspiring to read that 600 delegates from across the nation voiced their opposition to the mean-spirited Traditional Plan adopted by the global denomination in February.

Several delegates quoted were asked what their resistance to the plan might look like. I was a little disappointed that most were very vague and general.

So I would like to use this public forum to give a specific answer: In defiance of my church’s harsh, un-Christlike policy, I will joyfully officiate any same-sex wedding I am asked to.

Because love is love.

G. Russell Brown

Overland Park

This is art now?

How charming to see the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art set up mini-golf on its lawn, thereby making art so easily accessible and user-friendly for all. Perhaps we could have a bowling alley in the main hall next, or a game parlor with slot machines and pachinko in the Bloch Building?

One just cannot do enough nowadays to make art less demanding to the public and undermine that old pernicious, elitist notion that art might require an effort, or be something at all different from the everyday and ordinary. Cultural populism is Dada made harmlessly dull: It manages to take Marcel Duchamp’s 1917 “Fountain” literally, with no trace of irony or shock.

Larson Powell

Kansas City