Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss suspicious of women’s timing on rape stories and ‘Black Like Me’

Not suspicious

I read with frustration a letter to the editor Thursday from a man who claims suspicion of well-known women suddenly coming forward with their “lurid tales” of rape in light of the recent debate over restrictive new abortion laws passed by several states. (12A)

Does this man have any idea what it takes for these women to come forward with this information, when all they want is to forget the horror they endured?

They are sharing their stories now because they are brave enough to relive their experiences to shed light on an issue they believe is important. They are brave enough to expose having been the victims of unforgivable acts from which they may never recover, and that they will never forget.

The letter writer says people may call him a cynic. But we will call these courageous women heroes for a cause.

Sue Coughlin

Overland Park

In my shoes

As an aging person of color, I’ve been victimized by discrimination so many times over the years I’ve lost count. However, I will never forget the frustration, anger and downright disgusting feeling I get each time it happens.

All like-minded bigots should watch the 1964 movie “Black Like Me,” based on the true story of a white man who dyed his skin and masqueraded as a black man in the American South. Maybe then they might learn what it feels like to be the hated instead of the hater.

Eddie L. Clay