Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss support for abortion laws, Bubba Starling and Kris Kobach

Hardly barely

Wow — the headline on the front of Monday’s Sports section read, “Brooks Koepka wins PGA Championship title, barely.” Do Star editors know how difficult it was to win the PGA Championship?

Koepka didn’t “barely” win. He was fighting 15-20 mph winds and showed amazing mental and physical strength. “Barely” sounds weak and is totally wrong.

Bud Flaherty


Not the end

I consider myself a staunch pro-life advocate. That means I value every human life from conception until natural death — even the lives of the very few girls who become pregnant by incestuous rape. It’s because I value their lives that I support the restrictive abortion laws recently passed in Alabama and Missouri.

These laws recognize that a new human life begins when a human sperm penetrates a human ovum. We know that the resultant organism is a living human because it is growing, and because its parents are human. All humans have inherent worth and the right to live.

I challenge pro-abortion advocates to take a page from the education system and encourage women in crisis pregnancies to adopt a “growth” rather than a “fixed” mindset. Remind women that they are intelligent, adaptable and resilient.

The fact that an unexpected pregnancy will disrupt the lives they have planned doesn’t mean their lives are ruined. Different doesn’t necessarily equal bad, and an increasing number of competent and successful crisis pregnancy centers are eager to provide women with emotional and material support throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Pauline Smoke

Overland Park

It’s about power

Pregnancy is personal, and therefore a woman should be able to choose when and with whom she decides to start a family. Being pro-choice does not correlate to being pro-abortion.

Being pro-choice allows a plethora of options for a woman when she is pregnant. It allows women to choose to receive safe abortions from authorized medical professionals, decreasing the likelihood of complications. Full equality will never be reached until women have the freedom to choose what takes place within their reproductive systems.

Organizations such as Planned Parenthood are often attacked because of the small percentage of their offices that perform abortion procedures. In fact, Planned Parenthood offers education and choices regarding birth control, mammograms and pregnancy.

The first step to improving and expanding rights is empowering women and young girls to be their own advocates. Limiting the right to choose when and how a woman starts a family directly affects the path she will take in life.

Recognizing that women have the right to choose what they do with their bodies is essential to keep taking steps forward as a country. Let’s not move backward.

Emma Howell

Grain Valley

Once they’re here

Dear right wing,

Consistently, you do absolutely nothing to help protect children and ensure their well-being after birth.

You oppose support for Head Start. You cut public education to keep them in their place. You reduce public nutrition and housing programs for the needy. You make health care access difficult and birth control a sin.

You either value life in and out of the womb or you don’t. If you desire a fundamentalist government, please feel free to move to the Middle East country of your choice.

I have had multiple friends who found themselves with unplanned pregnancies. All made their own choices, from adoption to abortion, and in front of every one of them, I stand in awe.

Melissa Shriver

Overland Park

Bubba’s moment

When will Bubba Starling wear a Kansas City major league baseball uniform? He has always been ready defensively, and now his bat has come alive in Omaha with a .355 batting average as of May 20.

Starling has tremendous athletic potential and is homegrown. We have longed to see him in Kansas City’s outfield since he was drafted in 2011.

Please give Bubba the chance he deserves, and give area fans somebody to cheer for.

Stuart Stiles


They’ll fall in line

Republicans will be against a Kris Kobach run for U.S. Senate until he becomes the party’s nominee or is actually elected. Then they will embrace him. (May 19, 1A, “National Republicans oppose a Kobach Senate bid”)

It’s reminiscent of the hate-then-love relationship they had with Rep. Steve Watkins and President Donald Trump.

Neal Moster

Overland Park