Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss if Arrowhead and Kauffman stadiums need taxpayer dollars

Fair share

The Star’s Sunday editorial proposed that Kansas residents “chip in” for the Truman Sports Complex. (20A, “Is it time for Kansas to chip in for the Truman Sports Complex?”) That may be a reasonable idea — as soon as Missouri residents who work in Johnson County start to pay an earning tax to the county.

Another option would be to raise ticket and parking prices. Johnson County residents already pay a large share of that anyway.

Lee Larson

Prairie Village

Pay your way

I have to laugh every time I read about something ridiculous like this: If it’s not an already-thriving hotelier or builder asking for tax abatements for luxury hotels downtown, then it’s the Truman Sports Complex asking taxpayers to foot its maintenance bills.

Why are taxpayers of either state funding any part of these things? If the teams can afford to pay hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars a year to all their players, surely they can find the money to pay for their own upkeep.

If it’s too difficult to scrounge up the money instead of taking it from taxpayers who make nowhere near that kind of yearly salary, then why not impose a usage tax on people who visit the stadiums for games? That seems an infinitely more viable and fair way of collecting the maintenance money, rather than pitting state against state.

Carry your own weight and stop asking the area’s population to do it for you, Chiefs and Royals. It stinks of greed and laziness. You could at least pretend to do better.

Adam Rodenberger