Letters to the Editor

Democrats’ hypocrisy, ‘Hamilton’ tickets and Overland Park history

Be consistent

I’m not particularly active politically. But, from what I do know, I see hypocrisy on all sides.

Republicans are passing bills in the middle of the night to protect the unborn but certainly aren’t famous for caring for immigrants or the LGBT community.

Democrats often seek justice for immigrants and LGBT groups but aren’t known for their advocacy on behalf of life in the womb.

I could ask both parties: Why such strong regard for one life and such strong disregard for another life?

I believe that all human life has dignity, no matter what color it is or what orientation it is and regardless of how fully formed it is. With deep sympathy for the women who endure unwanted pregnancies, I am glad laws are being passed to restrict abortions.

Democrats: Why not protect the lives of the unborn? I haven’t seen an answer that doesn’t leave you just as hypocritical as your Republican counterparts.

We can’t prioritize one life over another. Let’s continually revisit our assumptions, allow space for nuance and be as critical of our own opinions as we are of others’.

Karina Winkelman

Kansas City

Turn it around

Our government does not have the right to control what women do with their bodies — period. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, state Rep. Jim Neely and state Sen. Dan Hegeman do not appear to want to pay and provide for birth control or take care of the babies after they are born.

Here’s a great idea: Why don’t we start performing vasectomies on males at the earliest possible age? It should be made law. How about we control men’s bodies? Start holding men responsible for their actions. Outlaw Viagra and other drugs for men’s sexual dysfunction.

Obviously, men can’t control their sexual desires and take responsibility for unwanted pregnancies, so let’s make it a law that they must be sterile until they are ready to take care of a family.

This country is in trouble when we have a government that wants to control women but imposes no consequences for men. Yes, I believe I have solved the abortion issue.

Tracy Berg

Lathrop, Missouri

Not my voice

I disagree with a May 9 letter, whose author wrote, “Most of your readers, myself included, couldn’t care less” about area residents who stood in line for hours to get tickets to the musical “Hamilton.” (14A)

I found that demeaning to those who waited. This writer can speak for herself, but including others in her negative comments was not acceptable. As a longtime Star subscriber, I can say she doesn’t speak for me.

“Hamilton” has been selling out in U.S. cities since it started touring. I saw the show, and it was the best musical I have ever seen. I enjoyed the music so much I bought the original cast album. I play the music all the time.

Critics have the right to their opinions, but not to speak for others.

Mary Stuart

Lee’s Summit

A different city

When I saw last Sunday’s front-page story, “In Overland Park, proposed murals spark conversation,” about the artwork officials plan to splash on buildings in downtown Overland Park, I was dismayed and disappointed.

I’m already disgusted about the way the greedy developers have destroyed any sense of history and quaintness in the area that was once considered iconic old Overland Park. New, modernistic apartments that jut out and hug the streets, weird so-called art that replaces a beautiful pagoda in the park — it all contributes to the destruction of what was a beautifully quiet and unique area where I once shopped, dined and attended movies and parades.

How utterly senseless. It’s only a matter of time before they tear down our wonderful Rio Theatre.

What’s wrong with the Overland Park planning commissioners? Have they lost their minds? And what do they have against depictions of the people who settled and built this area?

Carolyn Elledge

Overland Park

Pick it up

I would like to thank all people in the Kansas City area who do not throw their bottles, cans, restaurant plastic ware, plastic bags, pizza boxes and the like out of their vehicles.

I have spent the last month cleaning the trash from the ditches at Foster Street and Metcalf Avenue in Johnson County, and I have collected at least 400 pounds of rubbish.

Like others who take it upon themselves to pick up, I am not asking for a pat on the back, but for cooperation in keeping our roadways presentable. When we have visitors, they notice the amount of garbage as we travel across the city.

I like to hear about the clean ditches, which should be a source of pride for area residents.

Tom Balas

Overland Park

Right ruling

I would like to commend the Kansas Supreme Court for its recent ruling supporting women’s equality. I would also like to commend Gov. Laura Kelly for her continued support of women’s rights, especially as it relates to reproductive health.

The D.L. Tongier Foundation, a private foundation, continues to grow in its support of women’s rights, with increasing income from corporate dividends and reinvestment of corporate stock. The foundation continues to proudly support the Trust Women Foundation’s two clinics in Wichita, Kansas, and Oklahoma City, and its newer clinic in Seattle. The foundation also proudly supports Planned Parenthood Great Plains headquartered in Kansas City, with its clinics in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

In the ruling, the court states that Kansans have “the ability to control one’s own body, to assert bodily integrity, and to exercise self-determination. This right allows a woman to make her own decisions regarding her body, health, family formation, and family life — decisions that can include whether to continue a pregnancy.”

As Kelly recently stated in her veto, “The practice of medicine should be left to licensed health professionals, not elected officials.”

Tom Tongier

D.L. Tongier Foundation

Altamont, Kansas