Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss a short-sighted Dreamers plan and Trump’s doomed trade war

Think ahead

The May 10 front-page story, “GOP to reimpose in-state tuition ban for Dreamers” made me think back to civil rights icon Andrew Young addressing a group in Iowa. He remarked that many of our wage earners of the future would not have names like Bill, Tom and Mary.

Rather, the people paying into our Social Security funds and taking care of us in our nursing homes would have names like Maria, Jose and Hamid.

In promoting our own best interests, he suggested that we need to see that these workers (some of them “Dreamers”) are well educated and qualify for good-paying jobs.

It makes sense to me. It seems the GOP is very shortsighted.

Peg Maher

Kansas City

No winners here

Finally, President Donald Trump has found a way to punish Republicans and Democrats equally. For a wealthy business person, a Kansas farmer or a retiree, a trade war weakens both the American economy and your pocketbook.

The Republican tariff of 1922 was the key to unraveling the American economy, and it led to the Great Depression that began in 1929. If you look at history, you find trade wars lead to depression or to real war in too many cases.

Unfortunately, Twitter blustering will not work in this case. And presidential indifference to economic history has real consequences, not only for the United States, but for all nations trading in a global economy.

Anything Republicans or Democrats can do to restrain Trump’s ego in these trade negotiations will benefit all Americans.

Harold J. Schultz

Kansas City