Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Rep. Sharice Davids judged differently from Sen. Josh Hawley

Step up, Democrats

There was an interesting contrast between recent front-page stories in The Star about Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids and Republican Sen. Josh Hawley.

While Davids is praised for her quiet approach, (April 13, “Rep. Davids’ approach endears her to fellow Democrats”) Hawley is described as “defiant” in his first 100 days in the Senate. (April 15, “Sen. Josh Hawley’s defiant 100 days in Washington”)

Davids earns high praise from Rep. Cheri Bustos, chairwoman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee who has been critical of Reps. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, both of whom have made bold moves and have spoken forcefully on important issues. This is a typical divide-and-conquer strategy designed to bring Ocasio-Cortez and Omar into line. This strategy also ties into Virginia Woolf’s essay,“The Angel in the House,” whom she described as “the ideal woman who meets all others’ needs and expectations.”

Contrast this with the piece on Hawley, who “remained defiant about what he saw as attempts to intimidate him.”

Make no mistake: There is sexism going on here. We praise a woman who is stopped by security guards because they don’t recognize her as a member of Congress and praise Hawley who says, “I’m just not going to be bullied.”

Come on, Democratic leadership. There is room in the party for all of these women, and you should support all of them.

Marcia S. Brox