Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss health care, abortion and wisdom at the ACM awards

There’s a price

In America, health care is like justice: You can get as much as you can afford.

Alan Franklin


A clear choice

I read with interest the April 11 letter on abortion. (10A)

Abortion is painful and serious. I encourage this writer, and in fact all mature adults, to view the movie “Unplanned.” It is the true story of a woman who has been there, done that.

After seeing the movie, what is your choice?

Rosemary Pappert

Roeland Park

Country wisdom

After sitting through the recent Academy of Country Music Awards, I’ve reached the conclusion that America isn’t divided by left or right, gay or straight, secular or non-secular, or rich or poor. Instead, it is divided into those who like country music and those who don’t.

The show opened with an anthem espousing the virtues of being a redneck — a term synonymous with being bigoted and backward. That was followed by telling how much God loves country music, even though its lyrics are about drinking, pickup trucks and chasing women.

But just when I was about to give up completely on the world of country music, Chris Stapleton appeared. When I heard the line, “It’s the way it’s all right when everything goes wrong,” from his “A Simple Son,” I realized I was looking at a poet.

Larry Morris

Kansas City